Guided Meditation for Primal Sleep – Mind Body Spirit Sacred Rest | Sleep Hypnosis

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This guided sleep meditation will take you on an inner journey through your own subconscious, as you discover your deepest, most primal sleep, as powerful as the natural sleep of our ancient ancestors. Fall asleep and receive your pure calm, as you enjoy your sacred nightly rest with a completely relaxing mind, body and spirit, in a healing dream land where the soothing earth meets the heavenly stars …

Within this guided meditation for sleep, you will be encouraged to develop your deepest calm and serenity as you sleep; through an awareness of the breath, guided imagery and visualizations, and with spoken suggestions and hypnotic metaphors for deep sleep relaxation, to help calm down anxiety, reduce overthinking, and dissolve all insomnia symptoms, for your easiest bedtime's peace.

This guided sleep meditation session is useful for alleviating symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, OCD, and depression, and may also support positive lucid dreaming, to always allow for your most tranquil, sublime and easiest sleep.

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This deep sleep meditation experience is a form of guided sleep relaxation and sleep hypnosis, with spoken suggestions for subconscious relaxation, accompanied with a soothing soundscape of gentle background sleeping music.

As a guided meditation for sleep, this recording may be repeated as often as you choose to reinforce your positive intentions for your easiest calm for relaxing, deep sleep to help you fall asleep fast.

This session is suitable for repeated listening. Regular listening to sleep meditation and sleep hypnosis will help compound all positive suggestions for your own mind, body and spirit's healing results.

The ending of this session will offer spoken suggestions for drifting and dreaming into a peaceful, deeply refreshing, rejuvenating and healing, primal sense of lasting sleep.


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  1. How did you know I needed this 😍 it’s 3.27am and I’m wide awake. This is sooo welcomed right now!!

    • Just as I am scrolling for a meditation to sleep. Thank you. Namaste. Love and Peace always Kat 🙏❣️ and Zoey 🐶🐾🐾

    • I love your voice and meditations!
      I use you more than any other

    • Wow this is some super deep meditation! Never heard anything quite like it. Thanks!

  2. I’m having a panic attack right now and you just posted. Feels like a gift.

  3. Looking forward to enjoying this recording…tonight…heartfelt thanks ❤

  4. I’ll take this as my sign to go to bed 🛌😴 thank you!!

  5. thank you as always for your videos. i’ve been listening for quite a few years now and you’ve brought me so much peace. 💖

  6. Thank you! You are the reason I started meditating and sleep hypnosis ❤️

  7. Thia came at exactly the right moment. 🤩 I’m going to sleep well tonight!

  8. Thanks again Michael !! Too all others have a great night and sleep 💤😴 well. From my bed too yours! Goodnight!

  9. I cant watch more than 10 minutes of your videos without falling asleep. Thank you

  10. Tomorrow is my first day back to work after vacation and I am feeling anxious. Thank you for helping me get some sleep before I go back. 🥺


  12. Bless you Michael. Going through kidney failure and while fatigue is a big part of it the pain and nausea distracts. Thank you for this beautiful gift! May peace and contentment be yours as well

  13. It is pouring rain and I can’t think of a better way than to fall asleep listening to Michael Sealey beautiful voice. So grateful to have the opportunity to follow you. Much love from Calgary Alberta Canada💞🇨🇦🇨🇦💞

  14. Listening, I felt like finally coming home to my glorious state of sublime incredible poise and power. 🙏💖

  15. I started having panic attacks last year and no amount of medication changed it. At 4 AM every day, my body didn’t belong to me and it was terrible. I started listening to these videos and it changed my life. I don’t take Valium or Xanax any more. It is so nice to have his voice interrupt all the worries that parade through my head in the middle of the night.

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