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  1. Its true. All u do is wear yourself out. I did it. Had to wait until the pandemic before I could get what i wanted and now its better than it would’ve ever been if i got what i wanted before.

  2. This resonates with me so much at this point in my life ! Thank you

  3. And it feels like its gonna take way too long to do that,but I’ll keep on trying!!

  4. I swear to God that I was just in my bed right now thinking what road should I take because I am hesitant between two and I don’t find resolution, and I haven’t been manifesting ANYTHING and feeling stuck, but I don’t want to do either because I don’t like any option 100%. OMG the sincronicity.

  5. FOR REAL?! I’ve just been spending the last few weeks thinking ABOUT THIS EXACT THING. I’ve been “marinating” as I call it or “incubating,” trying to find the path that’s in the most alignment with me. I’ve been shutting out people who seem like they have their sht together and are skyrocketing, because I know once I do shift these gears in the right place, I’ll be doing more than what these people who haven’t aligned themselves can do in their life time. At least that’s what I hope 🤣 But god is this hard, to just sit myself and think.

  6. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony 😇

  7. hey teal, have you heard of the book “the war of art”? it talks about resistance and stuff that seemingly goes against alingment. really wanted to know your take on this

  8. GOOD LORD I was just contemplating why nobody is doing this and am I wrong for not wanting to take action until alignment since the last year and half or so after much meditation. I was starting to doubt myself so this really came at a time when I needed it most. The synchronicity is off the charts.

  9. When you have a lot of confidence and you feel like nobody can beat you, it’s game over for everyone else.
    —Jason Day

  10. Seems like a good advice, but how do you find that alignment between your opposing parts?

  11. Finally started doing completion prosess, so Im doing this in the mornings now or when feelings are triggered so there’s much more alignment! Just finished a song! Happy about how fast it was finished! ❤️✨🤗☀️🎉🎶

  12. Teal: Find alignment before you act.
    Me: Sitting in my parent’s basement for 4 years

  13. Don’t take action unless you’re in alignment. Feel in alignment and you work with the universe, work out of alignment and you work against it. Great stuff! I hope to inspire like you do with my channel also Teal Swan, thanks!

    • Thank you for this. But can you explain what she means with opposing parts? Because i have this job that is clearly not aligning with me and i want to quit

  14. Not doing this is why I spent almost 7 years studying and I still can’t get my bachelor’s degree
    (It should take me 3 years, where I’m from)

  15. Why you would want to go “far beyond where [other people] are”? Asking for a friend’s friend (me).

  16. Can you elaborate more what this would look like being in alignment?

  17. This is so good! Quantum leaps when we stay true to alignment in every moment, even if that is to sit with ourselves until the next step of action. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏽

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