Greatest Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu Wisdom)

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Read by Shane Morris

Powerful verses from ancient Hindu scripture as told by Lord Krishna.

The Bhagavad Gita is the sixth book of the Mahabharata, one of India’s most famous epic poems, first composed around 400 BC. Like all great works of literature, the Gita appeals to the human condition on many levels: metaphysical, moral, spiritual, and practical.

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  1. This one i got drunk and burned my leg in a bonfire…years of ignorance finally opened my eyes, its been one hell of a ride

  2. I love hearing and learning the teachings of all the religions and mindsets. There are many commonalities between them all, but each of them also have their own unique wisdoms to be learned.

    Great work, as always.

    • They are truly compelling; and none died for our sins and rose again to defeat death. then when he left He sent the Holy Spirit/Comforter to always remind us of what he said and how He followed obeyed our Father YAH. That is the difference my friend. Shalom

    • Greetings ARC21!👍🙏 So well said When we are open to receive wisdom we
      can receive it from infinite sources, the
      perfect way is to have a open heart & ✴ quiet the judging mind.Thanks .Blessings
      & goodwishes. 👌👍♾☮🙏🙌

  3. Would’ve been better if the bottom text was in Sanskrit, the language of the text, rather than Hindi.

    • @pradman81 Indian here too…

      I agree with you… Stoicism is such a nice relevant concept.
      The philosophy is a personal taste…

      And sometimes… I feel bound to the inaccessibility of the Vedas and Upanishads. Like… Give those to us, and let us contradict them… That’s the way of inquisitiveness.

      I am myself very interested in ancient china… Especially their expeditionary culture.

      To all other idiots who might question me if I have read Vedic culture….

      Yes I have…

    • We in the West need to learn more about the beauty and truth of Sanatana Dharma

    • @Harsh Jinger Well Said there and I couldn’t agree more. It’s intriguing to know more about how cultures advance in philosophy and shape their perception and set course of action

    • @Harsh Jinger to understand the Upanishads, I believe that one must have a solid practice of meditation.

    • @John Yossarian Buddy, If you know enough philisophy of any kind and particularly Indian, meditation was for the common folks…

      These perceptions were built to keep away most of the people of accessing the bounty of knowledge held by the Vedas and Upanishads.

      Mostly because of the social hierarchy… That has changed now. There are many reasons to think about this.

      Listen to what Sadhguru says about this. Read the Geeta’s concept of Sankhya Yogi…

      They don’t say any of these. Upanishads are commentaries on Vedas. Like reference books to NCERTs.

      They won’t let us know that…. Idk why?

    Beautiful Lines ❤️

  5. Redfrost the gift that keeps on giving 💝 I appreciate your work it helps a lot!!!

  6. Thank you for listening to my request to make a video on Gita! so nice to know that you’re open to taking suggestions from your subscribers 😭
    Please do quotes from Shirdi Sai Baba if you can next 🙏 thank you so much for such amazing wisdom from all around the world delivered with such elegant quality 🙇‍♂️

    • You surely need to understand the geeta then , geeta teaches us to take our responsibility and perform duty at all costs.

    • I should have asserted “just for a certain time period” to render off certain mists in my life if not all ! I agree to your point, however I must say I find life related virtues or the excellency in the preachings of various institutions extremely paradoxical, and some of it beyond my comprehension, I know it yet I don’t understand! I hope you understand my point ! Maybe if I spare some of my time and space and energy in concentration and reorientation, I might find it fruitful 👍

    • I understand. Somethings can only be understood yourself. Keep exploring outwards and inwards and surely the paradoxical things will start making sense one day. Shri hari

  7. Deep wisdom comes from tiny Things.
    And great joy from little things,
    Like when the robin sings,
    And the smile to your face
    That it brings.

  8. “The key to happiness is- reduction of desires !”
    That’s what the Bhagawad Gita had to say !

  9. The most Ancient Wisdom bestowed upon mankind … The Bhagwat Geeta contains knowledge and wisdom straight from the transcendent Deity Lord Krishna . The most amazing thing about is , is that irrespective of time , place , gender , occupation whatever the parameter is , it can transform you if u allow it to…. fun fact – Heinrich Himmler used to carry copy of Bhagwat Geeta with him always.

  10. Redfrost Motivation ! Thanks a zillion for sharing centuries old wisdom enshrined in the timeless Shrimadbhagvad Gita! In one stroke, you’ve won hearts of a vast multitude of humanity. The Bhagvad Gita provides the techniques of dynamic living.. it’s a way of life. Thanks once again for encapsulating some of the priceless nuggets of wisdom by one of the greatest teachers :Lord Shri Krishna in your brief video!

  11. Bhagwat geeta…the source of ultimate wisdom, the book which evolved mankind through all ages.The only book relevant in every phase of life.

  12. *Every family has a person who breaks the chain of poverty. I hope you will be that person!*

  13. Work done for a reward is much lower than work done in the yoga of wisdom.Set thy heart upon thy work but never on its reward.Work not for the reward,but never cease to do thy work.
    ‐Bhagavad-Gita .

  14. I read the Gita 2 years ago and became a follower of Krishna. It is the most truthful and beautiful book ever written. Pure love and wisdom without any judgements or dogma.

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