Grand Unification Theory of Reality – The Ultimate Hope Beyond the Subject-Object Split

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In this episode, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Professor Don Hoffman discuss with Jennifer K. Hill whether or not evolution can learn. They begin by investigating whether we have evolved to see the truth. Dr. Chopra and Professor Hoffman share their definitions of what they consider to be objective reality, and how our perceptions, valid as they may seem, do not necessarily show us the truth of the world around us.

Dr. Chopra shares a video called "The Illusion Only Some Can See" (, which illustrates that two people can be shown the same thing and have a completely different version of what they are perceiving. Chopra suggests that every time we perceive we construct, and Hoffman provides examples of how inductive learning can both serve us and hinder our ability to evolve and see the truth of a situation.

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  2. we have a Christmas song, in my country that I like “God is born” and which came back to me as I thought about it. It says: .. and the word became a body and it lives between us” ..
    I’m impressed to see, and this many times, how science runs after traditions and popular wisdom. Thank you so much, Deepak for all your work that helps a lot to understand humans and what does it says and how does it work. I think I called it a “human heritage” some years ago.

    Much love and great thanks

  3. Amazing..nd.. Incredible…best work dr.chopra…dr. hoffman…,πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  4. Thank you so muchπŸ’–all your videos really helps to dig deeper in to oneΒ΄s own experience of this dream what we call existenceπŸ™Œ

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