• No kids no woman. Nothing but pain and pressure. I prophesied on facebook yardpenalty and they pushing their negative energy on me so i just take. its gettin harder though but this video helps Shalom brother

    • Exactly I know. He taught me a lesson with a witch craft woman and now im in my cave

  1. Your video keeps pupping up at the right time and resonates as well.. I’m chosen because divine powers works for me at all time.. Keep doing great big brother Tren….your fan from Nigeria..

  2. Life is like an elevator, sometimes you have to drop people off, everybody can’t go with you where you are going in life.

  3. You got that right Tren. Begin chosen it’s a lonely walk. Even having a mate or married as a individual it still can be alonely walk. And this is from experience.

    • Me and my wife are Chosing one’s, we noticed we are both starseeds very rare. God Bless

    • @V A No because it’s a loosely word being thrown around by the masses of people on the internet who truly have not been Illumined,enlightened, Initiated,don’t have true knowledge of self,nor know self..far as I am concerned it’s just a loose word being thrown around just like the words “Love” my friend etc in this era…

    • @ Indigenous Orgone Primordial 1 Facts these people get mad at the truth. 99.9% ppl in tren’s comments aren’t real chosen ones. Just his fans. It’s only maybe 1 or 2 ppl in his comments that are real chosen ones. The other are fake 🧢

  4. They are telling me my gifts are something God doesn’t want me to use, they are treating me like I’m just some low vibrational troll dude, they want to disrupt my energy but mark my words one day my dreams will become my reality. Thank you Tren for this video really helps me so so much🔥🖤✨

    • Same. Itll be ok. I’ve been doing this ish for decades. Go it alone, and do you.

    • Me too… Don’t allow them demons to get to you. I’m getting attacked badly too. Gods got you 🤗

    • AMB from the King 🤴🏻 of Life because I earned it Keep Shining and going people laughed at me when I was going for my cure since age 1 I have had 626 Blood Transfusions in my Lifetime and 2 Stem Cell Transplants and Chemotherapy and Full Body Radiation and I knew I would be Cured in my Lifetime God rest my Warrior Dad told me when I was 5yrs old I would be Cured and I knew it so don’t you dare give up and everyone Keep Shining Everyone shout out to Big Brother Tren I am speaking miracles and blessings and good luck 🍀 to everyone so it is Let’s Go Woooooo

  5. That’s true my brother only God can judge Me, Im a Chosen one especially after everything I been through in life.🙏🏾

  6. Amen amen may our father God continues to bless everyone out there trust our fathers timing he’s always on time don’t give up on him because he want give up on you 🙏🏽

  7. This is very encouraging to me and my peace is with me always even to the end of the 🌎🌎🌎 unto my Heavenly Home. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah 🙏🙏🙏😍🙏😍

  8. Tren, I can’t even tell people what I do or what I’m called for because most become distant and start hating. I’m so use it. That’s why I ride solo.



  10. “God ain’t always nice.” Bro! God is a mean mf. And he knows I feel that way. We’re still cool. We argue about it sometimes, but, all relationships have their issues. 😆

  11. Brother Tren, you are talking straight to my soul. God brought me to this video I believe 100%. Stay blessed in Jesus Christ, my real family.

    • I was literally thinking about everything he said, right before I clicked on this video 😂

  12. Word everyone don’t have gifts, lately I just been feeling like a know it all…. My ex tried to set me up. Still here thanks be to God… Appreciate you alot Tren Genius stay blessed.

  13. This message is so, so true- everybody really can’t go where God is taking you! Favor ain’t fair and those without it, hate the favored for it! Learning to cut the dead weight has been a process but I now innerstand that the process is a must!

  14. So not phased by being lonley…with myself at the top. All the real ones gonna come when I get where I’m going. No passengers on my plane…I’m watching yall

  15. Yes, to fulfill Gods purpose we can’t be “so nice” all the time. Slice n dice!

  16. My life has been very lonesome. Sometimes I feel like what did I do to experience this, people just leave my life like it’s nothing. Thank you for this timely message.

  17. Like you said a while ago, these folks don’t care one bit they just want the ENERGY. And when a chosen one don’t give them that notice how quick the mask leaves and the demons appears.

  18. Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.👑💯🔥🙏🕊

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