GENIUS ACTIVATION! Divine Planetary INSPIRATION! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

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GENIUS ACTIVATION! Divine Planetary INSPIRATION! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Weekly astrology forecast for March 1st through 7th, 2021

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  1. 12:27 Aries▪️14:19 Taurus▪️16:49 Gemini▪️20:15 Cancer▪️23:03 Leo▪️25:08 Virgo▪️27:12 Libra▪️28:58 Scorpio▪️31:08 Sagitarius▪️33:27 Capricorn▪️35:24 Aquarius▪️37:06 Pisces▪️
    🔜40:05 NEXT WEEK

  2. Aries ♈ 12:22 Taurus ♉ 14:16 Gemini ♊ 16:49 Cancer ♋ 20:15 Leo ♌ 23:02 Virgo ♍ 25:09 Libra ♎ 27:11 Scorpio ♏ 28:58 Sagittarius ♐ 31:07 Capricorn ♑ 33:27 Aquarius ♒ 35:24 Pisces ♓ 37:04

  3. Jupiter and mercury will be conjoining my natal mercury almost exactly. Excited to see what this brings. I felt for a while now I’m on the brink of something new and great.

  4. Cancer : May I introduce you to the benefits of Melatonin. I use this to more easily get to sleep every night. But it is especially helpful with our 12th house being activated. Lol It is a safe natural and healthy way to aid in sleep.

    • Actually melatonin is banned in most countries. It is naturally made in the body and taking it regularly will inhibit the bodies ability to make it on its own. Taking a small amount of melatonin occasionally should be ok just not on the regular.

    • Thanks for sharing ❤️ I like passionflower & valerian tea when I’m anxious! ☺️

    • @Becky D Reiki ASMR New research on melatonin shows that it does not inhibit the body’s own ability to make it. That is good news! Still it is better to only take small amounts as needed.

  5. Love all your videos.. Just curious my rising sign is Virgo , sun sign Cancer and moon sign Sagittarius… Do I listen or don’t to my moon sign reading?

    • I listen to all 3 and sometimes they all resonate to an extent. Surprisingly, at times the moon reading is more accurate than the other 2.

  6. Our genius was activated at birth. This, however, is a time when we become more clairvoyant, more conscious of the real reality of all existential phenomena.

  7. Hi Heather!⚘🍀🌷☘ Happy happy March! So excited for the free astrology course, it is really awesome that you have offered it, I’m signed up! I’m also a scorpio rising like you…doing alot of home renovation at the moment. I absolutely love your laugh…feeling hopeful and optimistic for spring, I appreciate you😘💖🦋

  8. My birthday is March 4th:)))
    Glad to hear it’s going to be a good astrological week🥳💞☀️🌺

  9. Your videos don’t usually make me cry. LOL! I’m an Aquarius, and I felt the HUGE shift this week, and I have started new projects. I’m finally here! It was a long journey!


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