Fundamentals: Closer to Truth

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Fundamentals: Closer to Truth
A Look at the work of Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek and physicists Leonard Mlodinow and Brian Keating

In this riveting conversation hosted by Deepak Chopra with physicists Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek, author of Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality, Leonard Mlodinow co- author with Stephen Hawking in two books, The Grand Design and A Briefer History of Time, and Brian Keating, author of Losing the Nobel Prize discuss what we know about the physical world, questions that fundamental science cannot address, and more.

Frank A. Wilczek

Leonard Mlodinow

Leonard Mlodinow

Brian Keating

Frank A. Wilczek, PhD

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | T.D. Lee Institute & Wilczek Quantum Center Shanghai Jiao Tong University | Arizona State University | Stockholm University.

Frank Wilczek is world-renowned both as a theoretical physicist and as a writer and speaker on science. He has received many honors for his work, notably including the Nobel Prize.

Frank has literary and inventive projects in the works. Frank has an insatiable appetite for puzzles and games. He is also an avid, though mediocre, musician. And he is proud of his family.

Wilczek has made seminal contributions to fundamental particle physics, cosmology and the physics of materials. His current research focus includes Axions, Anyons, and Time Crystals. These are concepts in physics which he named and pioneered. Each has become a major focus of world-wide research.

In recent years Frank has become fascinated with prospects for expanding perception through technology. He is developing hardware and software tools for this.

He has authored several well-known books, and writes a monthly "Wilczek's Universe" feature for the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality will be released on January 12, 2021.

Leonard Mlodinow, PhD

Leonard Mlodinow

LEONARD MLODINOW received his PhD in theoretical physics from the University of California, Berkeley, was an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the Max Planck Institute, and was on the faculty of the California Institute of Technology. His previous books include the best sellers The Grand Design and A Briefer History of Time (both with Stephen Hawking), Subliminal (winner of the PEN/E. O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award), and War of the Worldviews (with Deepak Chopra), as well as Elastic, Euclid’s Window, Feynman’s Rainbow, and The Upright Thinkers. His latest book, “Stephen Hawking: A Memoir of Friendship and Physics” released on November 8, 2020.

Brian Keating, PhD
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Brian Keating is the Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor of Physics at UC San Diego. He and his team of experimental cosmologists study the history and evolution of the Universe using the Cosmic Microwave Background from Antarctica, Chile, and outer space. He is the host of the The INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast (link “Podcast” to and the author of Losing the Nobel Prize, selected as one of Editors' best Non-Fiction books.

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