Full Moon In Virgo Forecast (Feb 27th 2021) | Predictions For Change

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This lunar cycle peaks on February 27th, 2021, in the mutable earth sign of Virgo.

This fast-paced, efficient and hyper-organized Zodiac sign is the one I know a lot of people wait for. Virgo brings order, clarity and a fresh pair of eyes upon a sea of chaos. SO when you need to make changes, and give your life a bit of a facelift, Virgo brings the energy to the party!

In all honesty, this Virgo Full Moon might have you feeling a little bit crappy about the current state of your life. But, she also has the solution for you to change EVERYTHING too!

The February 2021 Virgo Full Moon will rise at these times across the globe:

On February 27th

00:19 Los Angeles
03:19 in New York
08:19 in London (UTC)
09:19 in Paris / Johannesburg
11:19 in Moscow
13:19 in Delhi
16:19 in Hong Kong
17:19 in Tokyo
19:19 in Sydney
21:19 in Auckland
The Virgo Full Moon Forecast

Full Moons are all about shining a light on something you've not seen before. Whether it's revealing the fruits of your labor or highlighting an area of your life that needs attention, Full Moons are usually sources of much personal enlightenment.

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  1. Thank you. I’m planning to drive 30 hrs to Sedona AZ from South Carolina 1st week of March. Hoping to get away and drive back home to New York and decide if I want to file for divorce after 11 years of marriage. Going through an indecisive heart and mind rollercoaster situation. Hoping this long drive and solo trip will get me more grounded and help me decide. I have a good husband but we are nothing more then friends and I’m not sure if I can live without love and understanding that I really desire.

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