FULL EPISODE – Close Encounters of the 5th Kind with Dr. Steven Greer

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In the first episode of this enlightening 10-part special, Dr. Steven Greer discusses the major life events which unlocked his innate abilities to connect with extraterrestrials. Inspired by his contact with ETs, Dr. Greer developed the CE5 Protocols using consciousness, remote viewing, and coherent thought sequencing. Dr. Greer now champions a global community that empowers individuals to establish direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligences.

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    • Share this everywhere. So many people including myself have just snapped out of the mind control and have had similar experience and it makes me so excited for the world!!!! Thank you for sharing this. Gosh I’ve been waiting for this exact video for so long !!!!! So thankful for your channel. Sending love&light

  1. Thank you Gaia for everything you do and everything you are positivity and agape to you infinity ♾️🍎🌻

  2. Full disclosure from the US Government was a joke at best. False disclosure designed to plant the seed of fear amongst citizens. Close encounters of the 5th kind are now being experienced on demand, using a meditative practice in conjunction with remote viewing to create these CE5 events have become a problem for the Elite and governments of the world. Soon we’ll see an increase in reported CE5 events.

  3. “We should do this as a group”~ agree at all that we are one firstly, come together in real harmony and abolish the control system set here…

  4. Thanks Gaia. Ive actually had one of the pink, white, green static orb come into my room when I was 8 or 9 but I of course kind of freaked out after being cool with it but it got too close lol. Now im trying to be spiritual and follow the essene path to try and be pure so that i can mediate and meet them. Ive always wanted to meet them and learn about the universe and the biggest reason….to unite the world but not only that, unite all beings in love and peace.

  5. Just watched this on discovery plus last night 😊 just loved. We really need our Galactic Family ❤️

  6. I have experienced ET experiences for over 20 yrs, without meditations and much knowledge intially.I agree with Dr Greer, a open pure heart and your intention and purpose in life is what they are attracted too.

  7. Deffinately understand this processes. Have been being part of this for my lifetime. Namaste 🕉

  8. Thank you Dr Greer for sharing your wisdom and experiences and thank you Gaia for all you do!

  9. Dr. Greer has come a long way, from saving lifes with emergency room surgeries in V.A., Consulting/shocking presidents & high ranking Generals that findout they don’t have the pull & knowledge within its own military they thought they fully commanded, attracting Extraterrestrials with high powered lights & finally getting to sit down in vids to talk about all of the above an more

  10. Being a Catholic, I respect Dr. Steven how he ended some way revolving around free will and divinity.

  11. It indeed makes enough sense that we all have the intuitive empowerment for intergalactic communications. I wish that there were courses on this everywhere. Thank you, Dr. Greer. 🙂🤝👽

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