Forecast 2021 Tips For 2021

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It is a big mistake to think that 2021 will be a year for “getting back to the way things were.” For this and many other reasons, I want to give you some tips for 2021 to help you to get the most out of it.

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Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

The result when people are restored to wholeness is that the world will be restored to wholeness. Teal Swan's teachings invite people to step fully into their authenticity, knowing that this will bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

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    • Reading activates different part of assimilation the meaning 🤓👍

    • I received the email of this and read it but I enjoy the video also because I’m very visual so seeing it also helps thank you Teal.❤️

    • A former classmate of mine and his conman use-the-Christians boss Ralph Reed, Trump’s biz advisor, like to use Qanon to induce paranoia & anti-gov, anti-environment energy among U.S. residents. It helps their biz-political clients the Koch, big oil, telecom giants who hate gov regulations. This sounds like their stuff, “the big bad parental Gov is your enemy, you are a besieged kid, get free & go blow stuff up or run away!” It’s hogwash. Humans like ourselves run the govt, & if you dissolve it you get to be governed instead by corporate giants, Putin, Xi, etc.

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  1. Oh my god I can so anxious to hear this after her predictions for 2020!!

    • These are logical predictions. No fear hear dear! Just positive ways to look at were your at and what to focus on

    • @Chronically Dysfunctional Jennifer Beckwith I’m aware of that, hence the 😂. This actually made me feel really good. Already in the process or fixed most of these supposed issues ☺️

    • @metalcowgirl34 at first I had a huge awakening. I was so afraid to tell everyone what I was going through. I finally found all these groups. I feel so much better and validated. Like oh thank God I haven’t lost my mind. I’m so happy to have so many ppl to share with. My personal life doesn’t have many ppl who are working on this spiritual level I guess. Idk im just happy to see so many ppl , that im not alone

  2. I’m already learning about how to handle finances and skills differently

  3. To hell with the “new normal” to hell with the old normal to because that sucked to. How about a better than ever new normal? 🤔

    • We’ve been in a downward spiral for a long time where we constantly adjust to the lowest common denominator, voting for ‘the lesser of the two evils’, fear-based focus on the worst case scenario instead of the likely scenario, watching reality shows about the most horrible, back-stabbing people among us, and sneering and mocking those shows that highlight the best in humanity not the worst. Look at all the murder mystery shows out there. There must be a lot of people living nightly on a steady diet of people so awful they commit murder, but in a sanitized,palatable way, we don’t want people to be upset by the idea that murders are everywhere and everyone is a suspect. What the freak? What the hell does that do to people’s psyches to watch that stuff everyday? It can’t be good. But the solution is not trashing what we have and seeking a mythical utopia. The solution is to start raising our sights and focus our attention on elevating the best among us, not the worst.

  4. You know what is resilient? A deep belief that your life is destined for success and happiness though a conspiring universe working especially just for you!

    • like this! I am adapting this definition in my life dictionnary , thank you!!

    • also, KNOWING that YOU(the soul) are an eternal being. and that all the events/situations , “good &bad” in your life didn’t “just happen”. YOU made them happen! God/Goddess/Source bless all who read this.

  5. Can you give people like myself in their 20’s still living with their parents tips and advice for 2021??

    • Save, invest, become an engineer and get tech money then use it to invest some more.

    • I wish I had family. Mine were abusive and I had to leave or run away at age 18. If I had a choice I would have a tiny house or trailer park style living behind my (ideal family)

  6. We just independently fact-checked Teal Swan’s 2020 predictions and the result was PURE FACTS. Please keep that in mind while watching this video and adjust your life accordingly. We did that throughout 2020 and we don’t regret.

  7. I was just wondering yesturday where are Teal’s predictions for 2021. You are killing it with that suit btw 😀

  8. Wim Hoff ,medical medium and teal swan my heros taught me to be my own hero ! Much love teal !!

  9. I predict a true self awareness coming that will surprise a lot of people who think they already have it. 👀🌞

    • I agree. Just when I thought I already went through an “awakening” i can feel that that was barely the beginning

  10. In other words, this year is going to be a Tower card kind of year and you have to bring Star card energy. I say, bring it!

    • Ugh 😑 I already experienced my house burning down and homelessness last year. No thanks. How do you bring the star card energy?

  11. “Be the light you are hoping for.  If enough people do that, this world will be what you want it to be”

  12. Guys I can’t recommend Dr.Morse ND enough, he’s the Teal Swan of the Natural health world. I have taken my health into my own hands thanks to him

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