Flowers are the Key to Enlightenment – Eckhart Tolle – Evolution of Consciousness

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The teachings in this video come from Eckhart Tolle's book, "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose", which encourages readers to live their lives in each present moment and to create happiness for themselves without emphasizing material possessions. Tolle's intent is to change the way human beings think, and he envisions a world population that is increasingly humble, enlightened and pure. According to Tolle, the book's purpose "is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or to try to convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness".

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  1. The second I read this passage, I knew it had to be an animation. My goal is to enhance these ideas through art. If you enjoy the art on After Skool then you will absolutely love our new book, “Why Don’t Country Flags Use The Color Purple?”. Available now on Amazon

    • @After Skool. The link in your description of “Nikola Tesla – Limitless Energy and the Pyramids of Egypt” for 2 free months of Gaia for the ancient history group shows does not work. The only thing available at your link is a preview or video clip of a few (of your? or those) shows that is less than 1 minute in length.

    • @Valerie Ann Thank you for letting me know! I showed your comment to the Gaia team and they are working on it! Sorry!

    • You got the year flowers evolved wrong…. It was closer to 125 million years ago.

  2. I just had a synchronicity 2 minutes after watching this video. My wife came in and told me she just had a spiritual experience listening to music on YouTube with headphones. Yes there is a universal consciousness.

    • I understand there are meaningful spiritual experiences people have. What I don’t understand is why these videos never focus on the ways our limited perception can distort reality, and project what we are experiencing onto the outside world. For example.. are you sure there is a collective awakening? What if a synchronicity is just uncanny coincidence that you notice as profound simply because.. you can ONLY notice what you can notice. We know people have paved the road to hell with good intentions in religion, what about spirituality could be harmful? It’s an amazing perspective switch, but I often feel like all spirituality actually is is leading people into the depths of their own limited perspective and then leaving them there without a way out. What if.. a vast world exists outside yourself.. and spiritual moments are just glimpses into a persons potential to change and interact with that world at any given moment. Be careful with the reality you “create” because it only exists for you. Many empaths could just as easily be described as unhealed emotionally unregulated trauma victims. And trauma doesn’t just come about randomly.. people inflict in.

    • My point being, if you truly want to see outside the cave of your own mind. Start looking outside of it. Synchronicity is perception, and your brain can malfunction in beautiful ways if you twist it.. without the use of ANY “substances” the result can still be hypomania.

  3. 2019: Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself
    2020: Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself

    • @stormboy6677 Ohh so you read it on google? Sounds legit. Especially since they are better then Facebook on the whole fake news and freedom of speech part.

    • @Dave Cleven I meant duck duck go, it’s an alternative search engine that doesn’t censor certain political stuff

  4. Do you smell flowers daily? I highly recommend this practice 🙂
    Flowers also teach you forgiveness as they release their fragrances when you crush them.
    Enlightenment is when the wave realizes it is the ocean or when a caterpillar becomes the butterfly.
    Beautiful video brother, great examples <3

    • @toughluck8012 right and wrong. Also a human concept. Yeah education is important but as long as you dont identify yourself with whatever they tell you. How you know what somebody tells you is the truth?. Everything is a point of view to me. If i believe something to be the major truth im only locking myself from the endless posibilities and points of view going round the world. But whatever works amigo i applaud that:). Just keep believing or thinking what you want, in the end, is your reality not mine:) it’s somebody feeds you or lives in what you call your body, your reality is up to you:)

    • @toughluck8012 yes it is indeed a human concept. There is only positive and negative

  5. I remember when I was a kid I just got home from my grandpa’s funeral and I went outside to walk around the backyard and there was a random flower. I remember it felt like it was looking at me and I just sat by and yes I was a loner kid who used to walk around by himself lol

    • Not weed…….PSYCEDELICS, you can tell by the artwork. Almost identical to a DMT trip I had, seeing the flower of life in a 3D fractal with disembodied eyes looking at me. Pretty trippy.

    • @Nunvi that’s because weed is a psychoactive drug. Categorized as a psycadelic, especially when you take high doses of edibles

    • I smoke weed every day and did not see this as a weed or drug related video.
      You don’t need drugs to appreciate nature, although, there are some who do help you do so from another level or consciousness

    • Hashtag Lan Fbx because flowers bud, enlightenment that sounds like weed

  6. Is there a God? Yes. Look at a flower. No need for church, rituals or big books. Just a flower.

    • @Juan Angel lutes flowers symbolizing they grow in deep muddy water that harder for it to grow, stronger it will be. Tells us the same about us, stronger the suffering stronger we become. Other flowers are not like that! so be not like them. That what I have understood about reading about the Buddha and the lotus flower? Jesus I think was saying don’t worry so much, look at the Lily’s they are loved and looked after and so much more are you. I love Jesus, but don’t really understand or agree with that statement? We are in completely different needs ha! God Bless all🙈🙉❤️

    • Church, rituals and big books work for some people. Don’t belittle them.

  7. Soo I’m guessing the lesson of the flower is- you have to open up in order to expose the beauty within

  8. “As long as there is a flower, memories of a higher world cannot be extinguished.” Martinus, Livets Bog, vol. 1, sect. 183.

    “That joy or sense of pleasure which the more developed terrestrial people feel on a sunlit summer day when the corn is waving in the breeze and gardens and meadows bloom in a profusion of flowers while the caress of their colour and fragrance penetrates the mind and the thoughts, is thus a reflection of the atmosphere from regions lighter and purer than the rough and lethal material world.” Martinus, Livets Bog, vol. 1, sect. 183.

    “The great profusion of beautiful flowers in meadows and gardens with their multitudinous and varied colour combinations and delightful scents is thus “intuition” and “memory” transformed into physical appearance.” Martinus, Livets Bog, vol. 2, sect. 359.

  9. Lotus flower in Buddhism is used as a metaphor to attain mindfulness: “Lotus flower arises from the mud, but once it blossoms it doesn’t get dirty..” this means that anyone, despite his condition, has the potential to attain illumination (mindfulness) and it also represents the pure aspect of the illuminated mind: once you liberated yourself from the negative thinking of the Ego, your mind will float untouched upon attachments of the material world.
    So from now on, when you see a Buddha or a Master depicted sitting on a lotus flower, it means they attained illumination and are totally free from the Ego and that also you can attain that pure condition.
    – Jaya Jaya Sujaya –

  10. Enlightenment is not connecting to god, it is remembering that you are a part of god. If god is the earth then you are the tree thats roots burrow deep into its essence🙏🏼

    • @Vox Flash We are speaking of things which we have no knowledge of. Sure you can smoke something and feel certain things, but these are things we have no knowledge of, and who better to teach us than the one who made it all so? Feeling those things or experiencing certain things gives you an advantage/knowledge of something bigger, but we barely skim the surface. It would make more sense if such a state is true then what follows is more likely that all these states are created by a supreme being.

    • I don’t know what that means and I didn’t say anything about smoking anything *shrugs*

    • @Vox Flash idk lol I just @’d anything cuz I saw someone say something similar with drugs. ops.

    • @Benjamin Dupuy Straight up. I was indoctrinated by the christian church for years and years. Christ came to tell us we are all part of God, he told us to become like him, not worship him.

  11. I grew up Catholic,
    Then lived in a haunted house
    Then I became agnostic

    Then I ate pysilocybin mushrooms and ended up feeling like a child for 2 hours, seeing beautiful saturation and color, seeing very amazing hallucinations that felt familiar,

    And then at the peak of the trip, I felt like I melted, came out of my body and rested above it,

    It was like the air and my skin were the same thing. I just layed there and felt like I was going through a cosmic car wash.

    That is a natural entheogen.

    Now I believe that all life is sacred and we are all a conscious collective entity of life, that our planet is apart of as well. Perhaps Earth is God is a sense

    All I know for sure is

    Death is only a transition

    • Virgo Bro Anyone who claims to have reached enlightenment, is most likely not actually enlightened. The Buddha never claimed that he was in enlightened, and everyone who has been enlightened has not said they are. Keep searching my friend.

    • @Matthew Barnes violence is sometimes an inadvertently great help to nature. Death is the most vital instrument of life. If not for the decomposition process and it’s various agents, usually vilified and met with disgust, nothing more could ever be created. The eventual recollection of the organic chemistry we’re made of is literally creating more potential for varieties of new plant life, feeding the biomechanical loop that causes mutation and real-time genetic innovation in animals, in our case probably the cause of our anomalous leap in evolution.

    • Witch Hazel how can it overtake the garden when it is the garden?

    • @Hello my name is name pretty much yeah
      Being afraid of death is pointless humans kill everything but are afraid of death lmao how ironic of a species

  12. Remember kids, Cannabis is also a flower

    EDIT: Also remember kids that drugs will hurt you but you’ve been taught the wrong thing about what drugs are. They hide in plain sight. Everything can become negative, addictive. So the only lesson you can learn is to treat everything with respect, including your own body, before you put anything in it, ask yourself what you are doing and how does this thing benefit you. It can be anything, excessive gaming, even taking OTC drugs on a daily basis, just ask yourself, Why? Do I need it? Is there a safer alternative? Moderation is key.

    Be safe but above all be mentally healthy

    • @Ashley Rajam ya I agree so many people overdose on prescription and over the counter drugs every year its insane. It’s become a pandemic over in America its really bad. I think u misread some of what I said😅 I think pylocyben and cannabis and dmt are some of the safest things you can take. nobody has ever died from either of them. Especially since dmt has been shown to be produced by our own bodies and was found being produced by the pineal glands in the brains of mice. Its assumed our brains and the brains of all other living things do this too. I think the amount of plants that produce dmt is well into its thousands, and that’s just what we’ve discovered so far. It’s really interesting

    • @Kerry Holt if you actually read what I said you’d know this isn’t true. I don’t really take drugs anymore, I’ve never touched any hard drugs like meth, heroin etc.. Ive tried almost everything else atleast once and moved on. besides cannabis a few times a week to unwind after a long day. I was a heavy user years ago though and I played around with alot of psychedelics. I don’t think psychedelics is really something anyone wants to abuse.. If you’ve ever tripped you’d understand why, theyve even been studied in recent years for having properties that help with addiction. That’s why mushrooms are legal in Denver America now. I have a trip maybe 3 times a year, whether it be lsd or a few grams of mushrooms in a smoothie, its like therapeutic and gives me a fresh outlook on life. You really need to open yourself up a bit more, ain’t no point spreading anything but love and understanding I think❤️ I don’t want to argue with you, it wasn’t my intention to argue, but rather help you understand these substances a bit more with non biased facts, instead of cultural propaganda that’s been deeply ingrained into your mind. I hope you have a nice day😊

    • Well even some things in moderation are bad, like health. That is more an either/or, or murder as well. Some drugs aren’t safe at any dose as well.

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