Five Prophecies of the Ancient World (The End is Nigh)

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Will these ancient prophecies be realised?

1. Viking Prophecy of the Völva (ca. 1220 AD): 0:00
2. Egyptian Prophecy of Neferti (ca. 2550 BC): 1:28
3. Cree Prophecy (date unknown): 3:52
4. Chinese Prophecy of the Tui Bei Tu (ca. 700 AD): 4:19
5. Biblical Prophecy of Paul the Apostle (ca. 65 AD): 5:10

Narrated by James Miller

Artwork by Gerard Kravchuk
Music by Luke Atencio

Prophecies translated from:
The Poetic Edda (Norse Text)
The Prophecies of Neferti (Ancient Egyptian Papyrus)
The Tui bei tu (Chinese Prophecy Book)
The Bible, King James Version (Christian Scripture)


  1. Will these ancient prophecies be realised?

    Ancient scriptures often prophesize pain and suffering in the last days of our world.
    These prophecies also tell us that at the end of strife, new life is born.

    Viking Prophecy of the Völva (ca. 1220 AD): 0:00
    Egyptian Prophecy of Neferti (ca. 2550 BC): 1:28
    Cree Prophecy (date unknown): 3:52
    Chinese Prophecy of the Tui Bei Tu (ca. 700 AD): 4:19
    Biblical Prophecy of Paul the Apostle (ca. 65 AD): 5:10

    • Fanfact the bible talk about this

      It’s already happening

    • @Godzilla Afton Crossover Kaiju Fighters FNaF 3 Scp To be devil’s advocate a lot of ppl thought the end of days was happening multiple times before our era – how do we know for certain?

    • Do know just feel it in my guts

      But I won’t let rummers of war nor the pandemic get to me trying to toon out the negative stuff I mean who’s responsible of animals extinction pollution other stuff

    • The EGYPTIAN prophecy does NOT say a king will come, son of a ”nubian” woman… Who ever convinced you of this lied to you… The actual prophecy says a son of a from the ”land of Bow” .. The land of Bow was in upper Egypt. Secondly, it says ”he is a child of the heartland of Nekhen” NEKHEN is a region in upper egypt… You’re pushing an afrocentric revisionist lie…

  2. Be mature enough to accept failure and rejection ✊ ✊ 💪

  3. “Momento MORI”… each of us must face the reality of our own end… thou art mortal.

  4. Our span of life is brief, but is long enough for us to live well and honestly. Pass through this little space of time to nature, and end the journey in content, just as fruit falls off when it is ripe, blessing nature who produced it, and thanking the tree on which it grew. For nature itself makes a wise being rich.

  5. Amazing as always Red Frost – what a way to start my day eating cereal and listening to these prophecies

  6. “I am Alpha and Omega,
    The beginning and the end,
    The first and the last.”
    – Jesus.

  7. “Do not be anxious about
    Tomorrow, for tomorrow
    Will be anxious for itself.
    Let the day’s own trouble
    Be sufficient for the day.”
    – Jesus.

  8. “Let the one among you
    Who is Without Sin be
    The first to cast a stone.”
    – Jesus.

  9. ”…there will befive in one house divided. three against two and two against three.” isn’t it already happening 🙂

  10. “Dear Lord, Heavenly Father
    Please embrace us, protect us
    In your all-powerful, Gentle
    Loving Light.”

  11. Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think

  12. ” Men never do evil so
    Completely and Cheerfully
    As when they do it
    From Religious Conviction.”
    – Blaise Pascal.

  13. Children themselves to children, children
    Now living in constant fear
    While waiting nervously
    For the love of their life
    To come their way

  14. When de earth is sick and dying
    There will come a tribe of people from all races,
    Who will put their faith in deeds—

    Not words,

    And make de planet earth green again!

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