Five Places Where People Have Unusually Long Lives

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Research shows five areas around the world where people live longer than average. These areas are known as "Blue Zones". Blue Zones have the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer rates as well as the highest concentrations of centenarians – people over 100 years old.

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  1. Empowerment of women?? Really? So basically, if you’re a vegan feminist SJW , and live in southern Cali you may live to be 100? Yeah, I’m good with 80.

    • @Syco Fya Sure is they forgot the most important places for example Cyprus troodos area..

    • Both Divine feminine and divine masculine permeates all of life including within us. Balance of both polarities is essential for homeostasis, you might know them as “yin and yang”. Or red shift, blue shift. Furthermore meat is carcinogenic, its poison for the mind and body. I never knew this growing up in this ignorant, ego driven, consumer country. 35 years i ate meat, the last 4 ive been border line vegan and have lost 60 pnds of fat and have more energy than in my 20s. Digestion uses more energy than any other function of the body. Try it. Blessings and Namaste family

  2. Gaia did you discussed about my idea of that Cryptic journal of major jesse marcel. You could bring all old video footages related to roswell crash. Or you could bring jesse marcel 3 ( grandson). Please Gaia atleast try to find about that Cryptic journal or something related to roswell.

  3. You can live forever if you know how to position yourself according to the earth True North and True South… I believe it’s Tablet 5 or 7 that teaches the ancient art of escaping death, reincarnation, ascension and make a choice of which you’d prefer

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