Finding Your SOUL PURPOSE: What Your SPIRIT Is Trying to Tell You! | Kim Russo

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Struggling to find your SOUL’s purpose? Today we'll understand how communicate with your spirit guides, how to find your life purpose, and manifest your soul's purpose!

We're joined by Kim Russo, an internationally-renowned Psychic Medium, intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher. Kim is the host of the long running series "The Haunting Of…" and "Psychic Intervention" and is the author of "The Happy Medium – Life Lessons From The Other Side" and "Your Soul Purpose – Learn How to Access The Light Within". One of the BIGGEST interferences from allowing us to connect with our spirit guides is our EGO.

This episode is PACKED with information and ACTIONABLE steps you can take to allow yourself to efficiently, clearly and CONSISTENTLY receive information and guidance from your SPIRIT GUIDES.

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    • Thank you so much for bringing Kim Russo back! I love her! She is who brought me to this channel in the 1st place! Now THAT’S a synchronicity! ❤❤❤

  1. This ought to be good because I don’t have a clue what my soul purpose is.

  2. This is soooo cool!!! Beautiful reading guys. I’m in tears totally feeling this :):)

  3. A Luz Venceu ✨A Luz Venceu ✨ A Luz Venceu ✨ Welcome Home Hannah 👏👼🌟🕊️🙏🏻🐶🤗🌸💖

  4. Appreciate the messages of hope in this dense place. Very uplifting

  5. Such an amazing show today with The Legendary Kim Russo! THANK YOU FOR THIS CHANNEL MICHAEL SANDERS. 🙏

    • Of course, Maria. Thank you for joining us in the chat!

  6. I’m going through something and I heard from my guides, “What are you going to do about it?” It came to me like, you’re going to do something, not just roll over. So it was some motivation

  7. This was really good. I do feel a baby girl is on its way and she is a star child followed by a boy who would be a revolutionary…..Stay Blessed. 😍

  8. Most excellent! “How can it get better than this!” ❤️

  9. Thank you for your inspiring, uplifting message. It is so important to remember our life’s purpose.

    • Absolutely! You’re most welcome, Kris! 💕

  10. So beautiful. So grateful that I was listening to this✨ Sending lots of love to Michael and Jessica from Japan❤️❤️❤️

  11. Thank you Michael for this deeply inspiring interview. Blessings of love and light.

  12. I’m been waiting and wondering when u would have Kim on … I absolutely love her and her books. Thank you to both of you for ur time and encouragement to help us all.

  13. i have never seen Michael so emotional… its happening for sure

  14. I’m gushing with tears and emotions listening to this reading .OMG what a spectacular reading Kim just gave. Can’t wait to see what fellows. Much love and thank you for sharing this beautiful message.

  15. This was so amazing, the reading about how and when spirits decide to join us in our family and what conditions have to be met to do so. So powerful and resonates with me and let’s me know what I have to do and get ready for that step.

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