Feel Yourself As Deeply by Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani

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What If You Could Love Yourself As Deeply, Graciously & Unconditionally As The Most Precious People In Your Life : https://go.mindvalley.com/96Rh9ZEL

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  1. Well my feelings are this..im heartbroken, I turn 50 next year. I never got married..I havnt got a great partner to share and build a life with, no two beautiful kids, that one day may have kids in the future and we all sit around at the dinner table, laughing and enjoying anothers presents. I dont have friends were I can sit in a beautiful bar with in some fancy place, dressed beautifully with my hair and nails done, sipping wine and laughing in my spare time.
    I dont have a life that went straight 1 2 3… Its everything opposite than you. Think yourself lucky and grateful!

    • I don’t either lol but, for me God is the answer! Have a blessed day😀

    • I’ve met a lot of people through my journey quite in the same situation as yours. Thanks to an amazing business opportunity, now they’re living their life’s to the fullest. I’m so happy I helped them being happy and fulfilled 🙏 You deserve it too

  2. Karma is real. The universe punishes. Sounds like you have good karma. Not so for most of us. I would love to have your problems.

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