February 2021 Numerology Forecast: The 4 Gifts You’ll Receive During This #7 Universal Month

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Welcome to your February 2021 Numerology Forecast

This month is a 7 Universal Month, a time where spiritual power and connection is at an all-time high! A man, oh man do we need it! 2021 is a year of massive change, progress and transformation. We need our cosmic BFF on our side, supporting us through this new adventure: the career moves, the location changes, and the inner transformation. During this cycle, the ways that you may have tried to solved problems won’t seem to work. What will? Watch the forecast to find out!

I am about to reveal:

Why letting go is KEY to being successful this month
The 4 great gifts that are potential with the 7
and how to access heightened spiritual support, so you can feel empowered with the coming changes in your life…

Are you going to join in the magic of February, with this month’s Numerology challenge? If so, comment below with that magical affirmation!

Wishing you all a beautiful month ahead…

Your Numerologist and Philosopher-friend,


P.S. Stay tuned for next month’s video! We have something SUPER exciting up our sleeve over here on Numerologist.com to prepare for a MAGICAL manifestation month of March!

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  1. Great to see, and hear your message. Thanks. “I’m open to magical guidance, I’ am listening”.

  2. I am open to magical guidance and I am listening!! I’m going to say this during my morning 1 mile nature walks!! Thanks Nat!!

  3. Can you give some alignment of planets on the nine feb….its creating a big buzz in astrology.

  4. 🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕I am open to the Devine guidance! I’m listening 🙏🙏🙏you r an angel Nat! Xxx

  5. 🙏🏻 I am open to magical guidance and I AM LISTENING. Sending each and all an abundance of blessings love, light and peace.. ✨🦋✨

  6. Yes, I have just went back to doing this. Last week I made a meditation video for others as well all week in my other YouTube account. It held me accountable to make sure I was staying consistent. Great video! I just said a prayer as I am driving to see a friend for lunch,” please guide me, please let us day what needs to be said to support each other”

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