Fastwalkers: Interstellar Visitors From Deep Space?

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Oumuamua was claimed to be the first interstellar object to enter our solar system. Yet, NORAD has reportedly been tracking these unidentified, high-velocity objects for decades.

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    • Have you ever considered, those at the top of the food chain withhold, then stagger advances in technology, to make vast profits. We all know there are many ways to harness electricity, but only the most antiquated form is currently used to dominate & exploit the masses.

    • @Tigg Tiggs Technology comes from aliens first – see The Day After Roswell by Colonel Corso for example. Then it gets trickled down via the military industrial complex….all because we have an economy based on GDP. And because overall as a species we are territorial and exploitative warmongers, running on lower chakras only.

  1. Life is bigger than us..the.moment we get on that wave length of thought and energy then we shall understand these evidences clearer without the ego mind

  2. First one I saw in 1974…Alaska, on the Tannana river. From horizon to horizon in a minute.

    • I’ve hear we are them they are us.
      Don’t know if this is true but it sounds awesome.

  3. Witnessed one myself, it stopped on a dime directly above me for a minute or two, then just as suddenly zipped away faster than I could see. It was very late at night, way out in the country. I’d been stargazing. The fact it stopped directly above me in my line of sight (and low enough for me to see its shape and some level of detail) implies it knew I was there and wanted to be seen. It had a pale green glow and a rigid structure when it stopped, but in motion it moved so fast it simply appeared as a streak of light. Probably the most bizarre experience of my life.

    • I wonder if the being inside is long translucent green and blue like I saw in a dream. Remember we have only seen black and white footage of the Greys. Maybe they are not grey at all?

    • I believe you man, something similar happened to me. Except it didn’t stop, it just appeared to flash itself at me like morse code. I got the impression it heard me thinking about it, and wanted to acknowledge that.

    • @Dallas Bagley That’s awesome. The strangest part of what I saw was the feeling that it KNEW I was looking at it, and that it knew I knew it was looking at me. Like a really strange awareness of mutual acknowledgement. Sort of the same feeling you get when you make random eye contact with a stranger in public. The knowledge that you both see and acknowledge each other. Ever weirder when you feel someone looking at you and the first thing you see when you move your gaze is their eyes. But this was a strange glowing craft in the sky, so the only explanation is some kind of psychic link? I don’t know. It becomes more and more bizarre the more I think about it.

    • @dirty pure Yes, I’m 100% in agreement with you. Truthfully, I think I unintentionally summoned my craft earlier in the day. This all happened when I was camping in Winthrop about 2 summers ago. I was walking and spacing out at the same time when I had a random thought. “It’d sure be cool to see a UFO here” Later on at approximately 3am, I woke up to take a piss. After I came back in the Tent is when I saw it. It was traversing the sky, and I thought to my self, “is that a UFO?” That’s when it blinked at me, except it wasn’t a blink. It was like a series of partial explosions in how it acted. It ballooned into an orb and held it’s form for a different amount of time, each time it did it. If you imagine a Nuke exploding, and then stopping half way through to return to it’s original form… That’s what it looked like. It was wild.

    • @Dallas Bagley Super weird, I wouldn’t know where to begin trying to map that to something that actually flies through the atmosphere, almost sounds supernatural or something, ty for sharing!

    • we are a mirrow of what live above us between the stars.. some are pure some are dirty some are good some are bad… you can find a “stile”, a mind set in one population but evry member is different evry group is different… and all “play” for their different agenda.. some human’s soul is brighter than the sun, other’s are more darker than a black hole..the only correct statement is that we are primitive and they are not, we are children who are starting to walk and talk and understand and experience life in the universe .. do you know or remember what is the last phrase on the “voyager golden record” that was installed on the voyager probes?
      the first is in sumerian the last in english.. they are not coincidences
      big hug

    • @Alex’s Family Wow, this is very interesting, I’m very interested in the Voyager Spacecrafts, and where they are going, I’ve been studying them for years and am fascinated with them, The Gold Records on them tell our position and Steven Hawking said it may have been a bad idea, as some unfriendly beings may be hostile, they use the position of Pulsars to triangulate our galaxy but recently read that since they move, it may not be possible for them to locate us. Your Thoughts?

    • @Joseph Pacchetti hi joseph. i hope google translate don’t make mess becouse i want give you a good answer:
      the problem does not exist, since the most remote times of our existence creatures from other worlds have guided us genetically and culturally in our evolution, we are a domesticated species and as such we keep every trait of domesticated creatures, both physically and mentally, we have neotenic traits , we are easily subject to and predisposed to certain attitudes, we have “evolutionary choices” that are not advantageous for us but advantageous for the species dominating us .. traits that Darwin himself proposed as a test to debunk the theory of natural evolutionism ..

      we were born as a tool , a technology, a worker, a slave, a laboratory mouse, a source of profit and well-being, a testing ground … and over time we have become something more and more … but in the end we are like a herd of cattle, we are raised, guided and protected but at a cost .. the Sumerians knew who they were before they physically met their “gods” and then they knew they were their slaves.

      all peoples tend to glorify their origins or mythologize them, the Sumerians say that before meeting the “gods” they ate the spontaneous grass of the meadows .. throughout our history known officially, you can find the signs left by visitors, even in human genetic traits, as evidenced by the fusion of the second chromosome, an eventuality that is practically impossible to achieve spontaneously in nature and feasible only in the laboratory / breeding ..

      all the ancient texts speak of encounters even if many have been crippled to build a control system that we call religion in all cultures you can find or glimpse the true background story .. as children other people’s property assets, I don’t care for nothing of possible forces external to the earth, as long as we are useful, as long as we are not abandoned to ourselves there will be no danger ..

      I believe we are in an important period in which we must demonstrate that we can have our place in the universe, if not we will probably be reset again and the earth entrusted to a new “generation”. it is probable that the human form, having proved suitable for this type of planet, has been implanted on other systems, and perhaps cynically exploited, it is in our nature to extract metals and deposit them on the surface, perhaps this characteristic is enough to imagine possible criminal uses of human space.

      we have the opportunity to express ourselves, and if we are “good” enough to grow up and live free. a bit like it happens in our lives in this society: if you are intelligent and know how to use your head you will live well and almost free, otherwise you will be just an exploited slave.

      the voyagers are small poetic acts, small smiles, small gestures to curry favor from our parents and older brothers, like the gifts left on the moon .. a golden olive branch as a symbol of peace and a silicon disc with 73 messages of peace coming from 73 heads of state (Apollo 11) ..
      in these discussions a phrase from Hamlet often comes to mind .. “There are more things in sky and on earth, Horace, than your philosophy dreams.”

      this is what I think..

      big hug joseph, I wish you the best in life

  4. I have watched them several times in the Nashville sky. One night I got up to go the bathroom, looked out the window and watched one for a half hour, move around the sky hiding in the clouds. It seemed to be looking at downtown Nashville.

  5. Well would think they are either SSP or one of the Galactic Federation dudes having a blast round.🤔

  6. In 2018 I was sipping coffee on my porch and saw an object streak Accross the sky and suddenly stop for about 30 seconds and then continue very fast again headed in the same direction. To this day I have no idea what it was. All I do know is that it wasn’t a satellite or an airplane because of its speed and stopping suddenly.

  7. Fastwalkers are brilliant pulsating zigzaggers capable of incredible speeds and instantaneous as well as graceful exponential stops while being aware of both being observed and their observer.

  8. Somehow more than never i believe that in less than 20 years from now we will!! make contact with et. I have a very strong feeling about it

  9. What do I think they are?
    ‘manned’ or un’manned’/ automated craft … of non- earthly origin.

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