Family (The Truth About Family)

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Want to understand #family? Family is the framework of human society and the system into which a physical human is typically born and #socialized, it is important to become aware of family in general.

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The Catch Up Effect: Why We Really Fear Change 10:22

The real reason why people don't change

how normalization is hurting you and hurting society

Cancer How to Cure Cancer 15:07

What Your Parents Did Right 18:19

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  1. All these u are saying I was feeling them since 17 years also but I couldn’t put them in words and actually communicate them with my parents. I Blame my self a little that I didn’t have the capacity to communicate with them in such level. And I understand totally that was that happening because of them. They did what they were thinking as good but they weren’t changing. It took me years to accept and move and change on my self and I haven’t even complete it .

  2. It’s a good thing I separated from my family before I got cancer. Now, should I share that video with them…?

    • I do want to reconnect with my family and I want them to understand, but will it create more resistance from their part if I share this video…?

    • @ChocolatBacon reconnect, but hold off on vid if you’re trying to scold or correct them.

    • @ChocolatBacon dont listen to the other person who replied to you. If you had to separate in the first place, you already made the best choice.

    • @ChocolatBacon No, I would not suggest it. As much as i want to reach out sometimes, it would not be worth it to me anymore at this point to fix what is broken in my genetic family dynamic. I am still learning how to have good relationships around me. I tried over and over until i was 34 to mend things. Its honestly not my turn to reach out now. I doubt its yours either. As sad and heart breaking this video makes me feel about cutting off contact with my family, I love myself more than that to ever repeat that cycle again. I respect myself more than that as well and i will hold the tiny crying child inside myself while we grieve together once again. There is nothing wrong with just feeling and being present with our emotions, not all of them are best played out while we are having internal conflict. We are safe to feel. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Why don’t they see that it’s not rocket science 🤣😃🤗😆👍🏼🙊😺😇👽

  4. I separated from my daughter’s father when she was 3. He did everything he could to make me the bad guy. I always told her I am your mom no mater what. When she was15 she thanked me for not talking trash about her Dad. It was worth it. I always told her I might not always like what you do but I will always love you. Sometimes other family needs to know this too.

  5. This is so reassuring because I have no desire to visit my dad or brother since my mom passed over 2 years ago. I have learned to love life and spirituality, but trying to talk to them is like talking to a wall! One of my childhood roles was the poor sickly boy that rarely went outside and “got dirty”. Now i work outdoors and have a farm working real dirty work. Also I have only called in sick 5 times in 30 years!! Any time I am around them I feel the old fears and doom creeping in on me. Feels good to vent that

  6. i’ve recently blocked snd stopped speaking to the majority of my family.. I don’t know what is best but the hurt is too much to engage with them right now.. There have been strangers that have been more like family to me than my own blood. For now I think separation is good and healthy for me.

    • I’m in a similar situation Trinity. As the patriarch of our family, I’m realizing the confusion and dismay I’m causing to my children from my spiritual awakening to galactic awareness of collective consciousness. I’m not sure how to regain their trust while relating to Source in lieu of the Christian tradition that I raised them in.

    • @John W you’ve got this! it’s a crazy time for a lot of us, but I think this all amounts to something good in the process of discovery etc, As cliche as it all seems, nothing to me is regarded as mere coincidence.. so what you have taught your children still has critical value in relation to source, it’s foundation is just different, best of luck or should I say blessings xx

    • @Trinity Vida , Thanks, Yes, Source
      /Collective Consciousness/ Holy Spirit works on individuals through family. friends, religions throughout the multiverse.

    • I started by accepting them exactly as they are and I have no power to change them however I can change my attitude towards them so I don’t hurt myself, it takes a while to heal, I don’t hate them anymore, I understand they are far from perfect and I have healthy boundaries to keep me psychologically healthy. Wishing you well❤

  7. People are programmed just like bots. They go into this loop of behaviors just like computer code. The code is often written by watching family members, movies, TV, music, etc. At some point they think they know everything and there is no reason to change. But the only constant is change and they wonder why the road doesn’t go where they want instead of realizing they have to take a different road to get where they want because the thing they want is also moving.

    • All ‘babies’ with no past knowledge learn from their experiences. Family, friends, society ‘program’ us until we start learning for ourselves. Or, are we simply choosing to follow a different program?

  8. Hey stranger scrolling down the comments!
    Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.

  9. Adopted. Done being the family scapegoat and spiritually bypassed by every single member of THAT family.
    I now tell people I was an orphan.
    That is what is BEST FOR ME.

    • Dont ever let anyone shame you into believing otherwise. Not every had a family worth respect.

    • I was the family scapegoat!
      It turned out my mum lied to me for 20 years and the father I had was not my biological one, I always felt different from my siblings, I developed an identity disorder looking back, I hated my mother and could never put my finger on it then I found out the truth, I wasn’t crazy afterall and am empowered cuz my instincts and feelings were VALID all that time. I found out through an ancestral kit I bought for my daughter and I, my mother would never have told me the truth, I don’t hate her anymore and I treat everyone equal, having no resentments has changed my life for the better cuz I’ve accepted it.

    • Narcissists were the main CEO’s of my family. Striving for the goal of family repair cost me 20 years of my adult life. Progress and happiness began when I separated myself so that I could heal. My family currently is the one I consciously created with people from all walks of life, with whom we can enjoy our uniqueness and have each other’s back.

  10. Yes, Teal I have been WAITING for this one!!! I’m particularly interested in ancestral/genetic makeup passed down to us

    • Yes! I’ve read that we inherit the microbiome in our guts from what the past 8 generations of women ate on our mother’s side of the family.

  11. This was a powerful video. I’ve had to separate from my family entirely for the sake of my well-being. However, there is still so much for me to do identifying those old patterns. My memory of childhood is very fuzzy. I’ve tried to do the self-authoring and review my memories from childhood, but I can barely access them. They seem to pop up spontaneously at times, at which point I can actually integrate

  12. I just had a fighting with my mom and i was crying and i slept! I just woke up to to this notification! I guess god has a sense of humour

    • I had something similar happen with my mom too. The timing of this video is on point 🙂

  13. Nothing like coffee and disillusionment in the morning 🤣 I love you Teal. Thank you for your dedication to truth always 🙏❤️

  14. AS the Patriarch of our family, you’ve helped me see the confusion and dismay I’m causing to my children from my spiritual awakening to galactic awareness of collective consciousness. I’m not sure how to regain their trust while relating to Source in lieu of the Christian tradition that I raised them in.

  15. Blood family isn’t always meant to be in your life just because they’re blood. That’s that.

  16. Family/Shamily…My “family” has hurt me beyond measure. I do believe there was a life lesson with that, in that I needed to learn to love myself. I have had total strangers be more caring, compassionate, helpful and loving than all of my “family” members combined. I do believe we chose our family and lessons prior to coming here. And, because of that I try to remember that we are each in a way actors, living out a pre-orchestrated play, that we agreed to in another realm. This helps me not take the situation so seriously and to focus on doing the work on myself that I’m meant to do in order to evolve. It’s important to remember also that when we have familial issues – it’s likely that we are vibrating at a different frequency than one another. Not that one vibration is better than the other, but rather they are different. Similar to when you meet someone who instantly doesn’t like you. It’s because your energy is triggering something within them. Not that you’ve done or said anything wrong or that there is something wrong with you. 💛Namaste

    • I agree, family is who you decide it is, our birth families are often the cause of our blocks and limitations.

      I like what you said on we chose it, only bc similar to Teal Swan we were meant to be the black sheep-mainly so that we can transcend that pain and help the world. If we were comfortable we would be stayed and not spoke out against wrong doing, or have the compassion and empathy to fight for change. The experience of it lights a fire under us-the pain can be a tool to drive and compel us to move mountains. So, for the purpose of drive and creating real change, we chose it.

      I also like to think about my family as small children also seeking love. When I can really envision that, I don’t feel as angry, they did what they became programmed to do bc of their own wounds and wanting connection themselves

    • did my sister choose my father who sexually molested her? I hear what you are saying but some situations saying that is cruel..

    • ​@Mobile Brain Subconscious contracts sometimes don’t make sense Perhaps her intention is to empower and educate other survivors of childhood trauma We sometimes choose suffering so that we know how it feels, it makes us reach for the better experiences Suffering is our current reality but ppl like Teal are helping us understand how to turn it around and heal She did, so can your sister, I did too and I also empower trauma survivors Your sis will eventually come to understand why she chose that experience and so will you!

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