EXPLOSIVE Energy! Mars conjunct URANUS Shakes Things Up! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

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EXPLOSIVE Energy! Mars conjunct URANUS Shakes Things Up! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Weekly astrology forecast for January 18th through 24th, 2020

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  1. Aries♈ 14:22; Taurus♉ 17:18; Gemini♊ 19:19; Cancer♋ 22:02; Leo♌ 25:42; Virgo♍ 27:20; Libra♎ 29:33; Scorpio♏ 32:27; Sagitarius♐ 35:20; Capricorn♑ 37:38; Aquarius ♒ 39:56; Pieces ♓ 43:58

  2. Aquarius sun mercury and south node opposing moon conjunct NN in leo…im doing quite well currently. So far so good. *i lived and traveled in my van last year, i highly recommend it

  3. Aquarius Sun. I’m literally moving house this week. I made this decision in November but it’s only happening now. I have been feeling quite anxious about it but this was a planned decision with the idea to have a more long term abode. I hope it will be ok for me!!

    • Steffi, This seems like a good time to move. All this energy is going to help you. The worst thing is feeling like you want to move, but being stuck at home and with a curfew.

    • @Berly thanks for your reply. I really hope you’re right! It is the main reason I am moving, the lockdowns last year were made so much harder because I didnt love where I lived and felt even more trapped.
      I’m moving to live alone which is perfect timing with saturn transiting my sun. My concern is it will also be squaring my pluto in 5th, so I will need to make sure I am channelling that energy into hobbies and creativity!

    • @Steffi Kenifick I don’t understand what you mean by ‘squaring my pluto in 5th’. What does that mean? You will be busy decorating your house, you will channel all this nervous energy into something new and exciting; your new freedom in a place you chose, that you like! So, I think it will be great!

  4. You hit the nail on the head..!
    Awaiting plans to move into my Van !
    I’ve been in a holding pattern due to current conditions & gut feelings telling me to wait for the time being
    I’ve felt & known this reset was coming for awhile !
    Thank you for the reassurance !

    • @BerlyIndeed, I’m in no rush. The coming year will set the stage as to when ! Thank for your thoughts & feelings.!

  5. Anyone else feeling extremely extremely out of balance. I feel like I am twisted like never before.

  6. Google is terrified of alt-social media, it’s time ro get a non google email and delete google software, get a Linux phone and free yourselves.

  7. Exactly Heather Synchronicity: I Just Came Out of the Closet. This Energy is Conjunct My Moon “Emotions” in Taurus So, It’s On…Ascendant Pisces/ Sun Virgo

  8. Imagine that, Virgo’s taking on too much (I’m a double Virgo)! With my Gemini Moon combo, is already scatter brained sometimes. Agh! 😘 I love you, Heather. Been a sub for 2 years now. You’re greatness!

  9. Cancer Moon, last week I signed insurance papers to have my trustee changed. Bang on! ❤️

  10. So on point. Cancer rising. Lost job out of nowhere, boyfriend, and loan fell through. Strip me down to build me back better!! Let’s go!!

  11. This was absolutely SPOT ON FOR ME! This happened today funnily enough. I got angry about something and said right.

    That’s it from now on I’m changing this! Done.💥💥💥💥

    Thank You for these as always ! Always on point and so informative!


  12. Sag rising- broke my arm on Tuesday while snowboarding! Talk about changes to my health thank GOD that’s it though I’ve been feeling this coming on for like a month.

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