Existence Beyond Hope and Despair: Reality Beyond Symbols

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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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  1. Necesitaría la traducción en Español…..!!!!!!

  2. We would love this conversations
    I struggle with being in the presence

  3. Ive pretty busy life with job, kid, husband, gym which i enjoy. So don’t have time for friends or make friends because it requires time and effort. My other family members are not as affectionate as i am so we are not close nit family with inlaws. (that’s just how they like). SO i feel lonely sometimes. What to do when you don’t have anyone else in life?

  4. Hello Deepak , thank you for your conversation.
    How can I heal my low back , I experience a lot of pain , despair pain. Thank you a lot

  5. How do I forgive myself for not being in awareness previously when I was caught in my dramas

  6. must tell you today’s story, me too.
    Her heart was beating so fast this afternoon, she tries to calm it down but couldn’t.
    Start to 21 d medit and after maybe 40 min get relaxed.
    In awareness, she said to the body: I am your God that you must listen, and more:
    she made a marriage vow and they promised each other love ..
    and heart calmed down and so glad and married now
    such a Easter

  7. Very challenging input. I think I am in a drama moment frequently.!not sure how to find a way out,

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