Evidence the Great Pyramid Wasn’t a Tomb

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In 1836, British Major General Richard Vyse began exploring the Great Pyramid. He alleged to have found a cartouche bearing the name of Pharaoh Khufu. Is this the only hard evidence that shows the pyramid was in fact built for Khufu?

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  1. Well wait – does this prove that it wasn’t a tomb at all, or just that it wasn’t a tomb for Khufu?

    • It wasn’t a tomb at all, out of all the pyramids in egypt not one pharo was found inside

    • @Eric LaRue pharos were mummified in order to preserve the body 🤦‍♂️
      They have the bodies of the pharos they were just not found in any pyramid though

  2. I’ve been saying this for years. When my history teacher told me the pyramids were only 5,000 years old I laughed and told him they’re much much older than that and they sent me to the principal’s office for that. smh.

  3. Gentlemen, ALL of THIS Information is as old as the hills! SO WHY are you guy’s scraping the bottom of the barrel? ? ?

  4. There’s two Enochs in the Bible one good one bad to the bad one or the good build the Pyramid

  5. The more aware of us have known for quite some time that the great pyramid is not a tomb. .✔✔. .good to see it being spoken of👍

  6. That isn’t evidence that it wasn’t a tomb.
    That is evidence that two people do not agree upon the account of another, over bragging rights.

    The thing is. You actually have the podium of peoples minds in your hands Gaia. And things like this will set you aback into non existence, if you keep making wild claims on the back of other wild claims.

    You are right that the pyramids are created for far more than preservation of a single body. Even if they are bodies of certain species or bloodlines.
    They are not or were not anomalies.

    But please dont dirty your own hard and far fought for progress with instant claims that could undo it all at the behest of your naysayers.

    It would set us all aback into abandoned thought. And that would be a greater injustice, than bragging rights.

  7. son más antiguas de lo que dicen, son prediluvianas y fueron construidas con tecnología de otros mundos, y no son tumbas obvio, son generadores de energía punto 0, y cámaras de comunicación astral

  8. I thought pyramids had equal space below ground as above and were probably used as an administrative/additional function prior to death and closure.

  9. Why would there be any need to prove they weren’t tombs? No one was found in the great pyramids.

    Seriously wtf. Why are we even paying attention to egyptologists anymore???

  10. i just figured it was a school for training new priests just image being in the pyramid by yourself next to the coffin that would get your mind going

  11. The Egyptians did not build the Pyramids , they are just the current landlords 😎

  12. So if Enoch built the Great Pyramid was Enoch Caucasian or Indigenous?

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