Evidence the Gods of the Sumerian Kings List Were Real

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Could one man's DNA provide evidence of a lost human lineage?

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  1. I like how they didn’t mention that it was a black man’s DNA they tested. Go research the original story.

    • @Jacob A
      Maybe because knowledge puffs up ones ego…
      I’ll stick with love that builds up.👍😘

    • @J B means everything, will change history as we know it, preferably religion. When u think of God and Jesus u probably think of a white man. This is earth shaking info

    • @tony-san
      There are many whites who already know that and have never had any problem with it.

  2. Yes the gods were of old… the fallen angels. And guess what happened they mated with humans. Genesis 6 that’s why the flood came bc people were no longer fully human & became cannibals. Lucifer wanted to destroy mankind bc in Genesis 3 God said a messiah will be born. So of course got his minions to work.. almost work bc was only 8 fully humans left with Noah. Jesus was born & layed His life for or us to live in eternity. John 3:16 God so loved the world..whoever believes will have the eternal life 🙏 I love this channel keeps proving the bible true over & over without them knowing it lol

    • The bible is indeed true, but, Jesus came to teach us and he laid his “old-man” life down, just like we are all told to do, for the Kingdom of God is within man and we may not enter it if we are without Christ and without the Christ-mind, our hearts are wicked and who should know it but God, who is within us, within every single black-hole (atom). He needn’t take on the burdens of us all, as we are all led to lay down our lives in the same way and to be re-born into our truth, then we will know the true kingdom of God, of heaven, as it is not after the death of this physical body, but NOW.

  3. Just trying to get the message out before Enki and Enlil come back arguing?

  4. I think that it’s entirely possible that people three to four hundred thousand years ago could have lived longer. Back then the oxygen levels in the atmosphere were hundreds if not thousands of times higher than they are now which was why the dinosaurs could live dinosaurs were very large animals and in order for the earth to support such large animals the abundance of oxygen in the atmosphere would have had to have been extremely high cuz with each breath that the animal takes it would have to take in enough oxygen to sustain life in a body that big. So that body would have had to absorb much more oxygen than we do now. If you look at human stature over the hundreds of thousands of years we have consecutively gotten smaller as the oxygen levels in the atmosphere have reduced.

    • Your theory seems accurate except for the dinosaurs. Still not quite convinced dinosaurs walked the earth. Maybe tho.

    • I was in Christian College 20 years ago and the Evolution vs Creation science professor spoke of an interesting possibility that I could never refute or get out of my head. He suggested that maybe there was an additional, more robust Ozone layer and the one we have now was much stronger as well and in between the two, was a HUGE amount of water, protecting Earth from the harsh rays of the sun. When the asteroid hit, this released the water, caused the flood, killed the dinosaurs and all ‘abomination half-humans’ and as the reminder in the sky from ‘God’ in the bible, the rainbow is the representation of what the original sky used to look like, since it would have been a gorgeous multitude of colors from the sun’s rays filtering through the water layer. Of course, it’s all conjecture, but logically, this would make sense.

    • I had my subscription for nearly a year and I LOVED it! Instead of watching the news, I would watch GAIA videos ALL day long and you get a ton of free workout/yoga videos to use too. I let my subscription lapse for a bit since I got sucked into YouTube lately, but I have been missing it. It’s got a TON of great content 🙂

  5. in commonsense I realy dont belive that in Historic times like the Time of Adam up until today we have been recording evry single Year, Month and Day! the time records BC are not to be taken as a Fact and it does not matter How meny years Adam died becouse if that duty could be given to me to mark evry day and season pass, I would miss lots of days and especialy if I have to write on stones as the grand son of Adam! ha ha ha ha ha ha so I realy think that the Time lines are not Facts and otherwise Adam meybe 7000000 times Older than the older Skull.

  6. I have this ancient dna as well and I’d be interested in knowing if this man also has been visited by the ancient God’s yet..I had my visitation in April 2020 while most of the country was on lockdown.
    In the front seat of my car facing a open field in a trance like state.
    I found pictures I took that day a few months later that I didn’t remember taking.

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