Evidence of UFOs in Ancient India

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Ages ago, the gods not only walked among us, but as Erich von Däniken explains, they flew through the air, and beyond, in great flying machines. Whenever the gods descended from the sky, they brought advanced teachings in calendrics, mathematics and astronomy. Upon the site of such a landing, a temple was often built, topped with a depiction of a Vimana. When we examine similarities of temples found in India and Central America, we begin to see the extent of the extraterrestrials’ influence in ancient times. Perhaps these stories are not just mythological tales and allegories, but depictions of extraterrestrial beings interacting with ancient civilizations.

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  1. yes… they are returning with a.fury and speed of anger. .. for what has been done in greed

  2. Ancient India is full of mysteries and a lot of wisdom and knowledge and should be encrypted for the world to know the truth.

    • @D V If so then so is Catholism. You dont have to start with “Holier than thou” sentiment the religion of piss are full of that which makes no difference between 2 Abrahamic religions so please cut the crap.

    • Every ancient culture is full of truth…just some people choose to worship that truth and some people choose to study that truth scientifically.

  3. Check out Praveen Mohan, he lives in India and researches all that is there.

  4. Man I’d do anything to visit the temples of India one day, I’m sure the doors to the gods of the one building can be opened using certain sound frequencies like Tibetan horns and people humming a certain tune, I’d love to simply see what’s inside, I personally would walk past any possible treasures, I’d look at them with Awe but I’d never dare touch them , that’s how much respect I have for ancient history, I always wanted to wander places where humans haven’t been for thousands of years, it would be a dream come true

    • It’s a fart of certain length and frequency after eating Bacon, peanut butter, and hummus.

    • @Phil 2 Deep you missed the most important one burritos with extra beans lmao

    • I agree and would love to visit India as well. There has to be a way to activate the portals around the globe 🌎 🔑

  5. Namaste 🙏🏾 🧘🏾‍♂️

    After losing my job in the pandemic😷.

    I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🌍

  6. If the same phenomenon is observed is different places then it’s a science and not a mythology.

    • Its a historical fact… myth is just oral history told through generations of people… people just have more faith in something if its in writing. So technically myth just means people telling the same histiry that other people wrote down later.

  7. Ancient Indian temples are not Vimanas, they’re depictions of conceiving energy sources.

  8. India has a book that tells the stories of chariots in the sky having wars and creatures fighting

  9. The use of Mercury in ancient India was common for these sorts of experiments. Now our most advanced technologies are beginning to use mercury as a power source.

  10. For a very long time Indian mythological stories were not taken seriously mostly due to the “White man’s arrogance” & other hypocritical beliefs of the Western intellectuals but finally they are realising that how wrong they were all along for debunking the Indian mythology as just fairy tales. About time

  11. Indians always downplay/degrade Indian culture. It’s only scientists like Erik Von Daniken that believes in our epics, puranas.

  12. This dude completly butchered the nice topic with half knowledge and wrong mindset.

  13. Citys in the sky and in the ocean. They are human but from long time ago. Humans are the botón of the Berrel when it comes to the galactic society. We can’t even share the planet in piece.

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