Evidence Human Civilization is FAR Older Than We’ve Been Told

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Civilization is far older than we have been led to believe and the wisdom from these ancient cultures may be the guidance we need through these times of extremes. We have been taught that we are all separate from each other and separate from the worlds around us. Now new scientific discoveries are confirming that we are all connected. But it is the discovery of very ancient civilizations which may deliver the shattering blow to accepted narratives on the origin of human civilization.

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    • Subscribed. Randy Cramer is suspicious person, my subconsciousness tells me to not trust him.

  1. Science and religion MUST be combined, in order to understand the meaning of REALITY… Apart they stir confusion within ones self of being

  2. Yep it’s way older than the current mainstream guesses suggest, history repeats and we’ve been here before many times over.

  3. Gaia if you are reading my comment then please make a video on cryptic journal of major jesse marcel during roswell classified by jesse marcel family . This evidence will change everything we learnt about roswell. Gaia please reply

  4. Wow ..this is fabulous news …we are all pulsating in this wonderful world …just like if everyone in our world were happy then the pulse of the world would be happy too ..we have been here for millions & millions we are conscious ..but I don’t think we are the best that’s been here ?!! X

  5. Hey everyone, I just wanted to mention something I ran across yesterday. A 10,000 year old basket was recently found in the holy land ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyO8BJKSnz8 ), and I couldn’t help but think about the ancient flood theory and how this connects with what timeline the Pyramids and Sphinx were actually built. It seems this basket and the site they found it in, (in the link above) have a possible timeline connection.

  6. This is education that should have been taught centuries ago. My ancestors passed this information from generation to generation. Many indigenous peoples know this. Everything is connected. There are certain groups who tried to prevent this with hatred and diseases.

  7. Gobelki tepi 10,000 years ago and more sites around turkey even older found. All over the world.

  8. Since we were born.all we know is what we where told.and we never questioned it.

    • Some of us do question what we were told about history by our teachers.
      We’re also prepared to have a go at teaching others – PhD’s & others, who have degrees. Often the “educated” freak out, when certain images are shown them – this video has one such, from a radio telescope.

  9. Greg another Well spoken & educational speech on enlightenment truth be told Greg’s telling it 👍🏻

  10. All truths are pouring out, these are amazing times we’re living in, thank you so much, keep bringing the truths to light, the Age of Aquarius is upon us

  11. You know what. We are all going to cease to exist. So why does this matter?

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