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  1. The person reading this is about to receive prosperity and love.
    THE NEW BOOK FEEL ALIVE BY RALPH SMART NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.ralphsmart.com/thebook
    ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM NOW: http://www.instagram.com/officialralphsmart
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    • My soul is currently having issues with flat earth theory. Part of me says, who cares, I already know we’re lied to about everything. Why do I want to push myself into psychosis? My soul also says, keep seeking truth.

  2. The person reading this is about to receive prosperity and love.

  3. Everything we know in this matrix is a lie…….. Gratitude 💜💜💜

    • You are appreciated.. Infinite love 🌈❤️

  4. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

  5. “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

  6. Every thing you know is a lie…

    You were told that you don’t have the power.

    You do.

    You were told you can’t control your own reality.

    You can.

    You were told that you are weird if you be yourself and follow the crowd.

    You are… that’s the only thing that they were being honest about….

    But who tf wants to be “normal”?

    Be who you came here to be.

    Do what you came here to do.

    Be you.

  7. You have help me open my eyes to taking time to raise my vib I can’t help but feel the vib in your voice.

  8. Yes, watch the Truman Show, it’s a movie starring Jim Cary…that’s us, our life is reality show

  9. It is a big lie, tyrants always lie to us to control us – FAKE his-story, prophets set us free, then tyrants take prophets teachings and lie some more !!! May Universe (Allah) help us all

  10. Ralph! Pls make a video about whats going on with the stock market.

    • Economy is going to crash in a way that people have never seen before. We are in hyperinflation phase.

    • Plus I don’t understand how paper cannot just be printed ?
      It’s like Alan Watts said” it’s like no enough inches to build a house”

  11. 💰☀️ I’m wishing everyone who clicked on this channel nothing but LONG LIFE & PROSPERITY💰☀️.

  12. Your birth certificate, ssn, bank statements, the government, the courts, etc., do not define who you are (nor you gender, race, what you own, how much money you have, your job), Who you are is defined by your Creator.
    RuPaul said it best: “You were born naked and all the rest is drag”

  13. “Most people, including ourselves, live in a world of relative ignorance. We are even comfortable with that ignorance, because it is all we know. When we first start facing truth, the process may be frightening, and many people run back to their old lives. But if you continue to seek truth, you will eventually be able to handle it better. In fact, you want more! It’s true that many people around you now may think you are weird or even a danger to society, but you don’t care. Once you’ve tasted the truth, you won’t ever want to go back to being ignorant” (Socrates).

  14. “Life is a meme.” Wow. Best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Sadly it’s true. Especially lately.

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