Emotional Healing to x5 Your Mastery? | Robin Sharma

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Working on a better Mindset for 2021 while neglecting your Heartset [as introduced in The 5AM Club] sets up a situation of self-sabotage where your intellect knows what you should do yet your emotional world keeps you limited.

Watch this short video to learn why Robin Sharma has been evangelizing a message for 25 years that emotional healing is absolutely essential to expert performance.

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  1. So true! A great mindset plus a cool heart set is a winning formula for life!!

  2. *I remember when I was miserable and HATED myself, it really didn’t matter how many self improvement videos and articles read, it didn’t help* 🙏❤️
    Therefore, love urself, forgive urself first before u move on 😊

  3. Thank You Mr. Sharma, your books and videos are an guiding light. My father gifted me a book of yours, it was the best gift.

    Thanks again Sir

  4. I love this, and I totally agree.
    You need to be aligned in all 4: body, mind, emotions and spirit in order to feel truly happy, fulfilled and alive.
    That’s why I am so into people and ideas that reflect a holistic approach and solutions.
    Love you, Robin! Keep doing you.

  5. Hope all is well with you. Good to see you back in action. Sending my love and blessings and wish you keep changing lives of millions who need it the most.

  6. Thank you for the gorgeous energy!
    All L♡ve and Respect
    Greetings from beautiful Greece 🇬🇷

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