ECLIPSE SEASON BEGINS! Live New Moon in Taurus & Lunar Month Ahead Forecast

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This week I had some technological issues in both the New Moon in Taurus Forecast for All 12 Signs AND the Monthly New Moon Gathering I provide exclusively for my Cosmic Community members… SO, I've decided to host a re-play for my New Moon in Taurus Gathering here on YouTube THIS MONTH ONLY!

(Please note, this is not my weekly forecast for all 12 signs, I'll be returning next week on Saturday at 9am MDT with my normal weekly astrology forecasts.)

If you enjoyed our New Moon in Taurus Gathering, make sure you pop on over to the link below to join our Cosmic Community before enrollment closes on May 25th!

New Moon in Taurus Influence by Rising Sign

Finalizing changes you’ve been making in order to create greater financial independence and to liberate yourself from oppressive material circumstances. Setting intentions for financial goals and finding innovative ways of working with your resources.

Solidifying changes you’ve been working toward making on a personal level and breaking free from any old conditioning that’s holding you back from being uniquely you!

Turning the intangible into tangible, material change through the active disruption and release of old, outdated cycles that, while comfortable, no longer serve your growth in this lifetime.

Releasing old frustrations over restrictive friendships and adherence to social norms that feel oppressive and outdated. Setting intentions to create tangible new connections with an open-minded new social circle.

Finalizing adjustments you’ve been making to career goals and creating new opportunities for growth and recognition. Setting intentions to connect with someone you look up to as a leader in your field who may assist you in liberating yourself from frustrating circumstances at work.

Solidifying changes and new opportunities in the area of adventure, foreign connections and higher education. Setting intentions to connect with your integrity in all that you initiate now and into the future.

Re-stabilizing after disruption to your finances, fears and overall psychological state. Finalizing changes to your financial situation by making important adjustments that catalyze long-term freedom in the area of debt, taxes, investments and joint finances through marriage.

Solidifying changes that force you out of your comfort zone when it comes to your most important relationships, contracts, and agreements.

Releasing old frustrations around restrictive circumstances involving work, health and
daily routines. Setting intentions for new beginnings that stretch you far outside of your comfort zone when it comes to your routine, day-to-day experience.

Finalizing changes involving children, hobbies, interests, and passions. Finding new, innovative ways to engage with the things in life that light you up and bring you the most joy.

Solidifying changes after experiencing disruption to your home life, family dynamic, and emotional roots. Setting intentions for important and uncomfortable new beginnings in the are of home and family.

Reflecting on adjustments to your mindset and solidifying a new way of thinking about the world. Integrating uncomfortable new information to make it a part of your day-to- day understanding moving forward. Setting intentions for exciting new connections within your community.

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  1. I’m an scorpio rising! Pisces sun And I have been on a funk lately! Too much in the past and crying!

    • Me too! Same sun and rising! I’ve been taking those feelings and transmuting hem into a narrower road to claim more joy. I get distracted very easily. But not this time!!!! 🤣

    • Me too! Scorpio rising, Picies Sun and Cancer moon. I’ve been in such a funk!

    • Same!!! Scorpio rising, Leo Sun, and Cancer moon! Such an intense time!!! 💕⭐🌌

  2. @heather I appreciate your hard work and dedication towards us,I appreciated your live video and guidance you share about the new moon in Taurus. Stay blessed

  3. Such a lovely supportive video and live chat. I’m sag moon sun and north node and leaving an abusive situation so the new moon and sag full moon are so significant for me

  4. I’m a Sag sun, Gemini ascendant. Looking forward to the eclipse!

  5. LoL you’re so gracious and generous, thank you so much!!!

  6. My relationship with the man I thought was the love of my life ended recently, I just moved back to the Europe from overseas, no job, no savings, no boyfriend, no plans for the future. The only thing I’m certain about is my love for Astrology (currently being enrolled in two courses, one of which is Heather’s). So my intention for New Moon more than anything is to heal and get my self-worth and confidence back and to be guided towards what is the next thing to do that would be for my highest good. Thank you for sharing the New Moon community gathering on you tube! Very much appreciated! 🙏

    • @Natalie Cruz Aquarius Rising, Taurus Sun and Cancer Moon. The New Moon is happening in my 4th House being squared by Saturn transit which is conjuncting my natal Ascendant and Jupiter. And Pluto has been transiting my 12th house. Lots of losses and shadow work do be done. 😞

    • I am living through similar challenges. Coming back to Europe from a 36 years overseas. Had planned to go to England, but now stuck living with my very elderly Mother, unsure where to go from here. Been anxious+++and depressed. Not managing to commit to any solution.
      Sun Cancer, 🌙 Capricorn, Virgo rising,

    • @Bella Herz Blessings to you! These are challenging times for many of us. As one of my best friends once told me shadow work and enlightenment is not what most people think it is. It comes with many challenges and makes us feel a bit crazy and all over the place. I hear you, sister. You’re not alone. The whole world is going through massive transformation and many of us are waking up at fast pace but it comes with challenges and mixed feelings. I do what Lada once advised in times of not knowing what to do – I am praying for guidance. And it will come. Hang on in there, it will get better. Sending you lots of love, courage and strength! xxx

      P.S. Perhaps there’s a reason why you were called home, to reconnect with your mum. My now ex boyfriend used to say to me that our relationship was not going to work out until I resolved the unresolved trauma I have with my family. I feel we had to break up because I was pulled to go back home and there’s some karmic debt or something to be resolved before I can move on with my life fully.
      Maybe there’s something you need to do in regards of your relationship with your mum too. Only you know. But there are no accidents or coincidences in life. Everything has a meaning and a purpose. So there definitely is one behind the reason you had to come home to your mum. You sound like a very caring, nurturing but also practical, reliable and responsible person so perhaps it’s your mum who needs you right now. With passing time all will be revealed and everything will start making sense to us. xx

  7. Started a new job the other week… Just now getting the hang of it. Doing art again. Dreams. I need a new home come September… I need to be happy. This is my manifestation

  8. How are my Sagittarius rising using the power of the new moon in our sixth house!? I need to get my sh*t together lol

  9. Once and for all going to end a trauma bond ….and so it is 💕💯🙏🏻

  10. I’m sagittarius rising, virgo sun and gemini moon, with north node at 14 degrees of sagittarius! Can’t wait to see what this month brings!!

  11. You were great, Heather and even more importantly, you didn’t allow your fears to overpower you! Brava 👏🏻! XO

  12. Cancer Rising/Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon. I’m moving to a new state where I don’t know anyone. Just by myself. I think that’s pretty much outside the box of comfort! I’m letting go of restrictive relationships where I’ve been assisting with family members for the past several years, especially the past 5 months. I am so ready for a new life.

    • That sounds like a fun adventure!! You will be blessed for caring for another human being!!

    • @belovingkindness Me too! I just arrived yesterday in my new state AND I received a gift that allowed me to have zero debt – fresh start, clean slate! Wishing you the best in your new home!🤗

  13. Start to live my life for the future and not having to always feel so heavy and having the past hold me back.

  14. Fellow Scorpio rising here experiencing similar crazy disruptions and learning to surrender!

  15. I feel like I’m being used by loved ones. I want to diet and exercise but can’t seem to stick to it.
    Sagittarius rising

  16. Gemini Rising, Leo Sun, Pisces Moon. The Universe Brought Me A Car Today . This Is Such A Huge Blessing For Me. 💕🙏

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