DRIVEN TO SUCCEED! Mars Trines Saturn! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

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DRIVEN TO SUCCEED! Mars Trines Saturn! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Weekly astrology forecast for March 15th through 21st, 2021

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  1. This will be great momentum to work on the intentions we’re setting for today’s new moon 🌚🥰🙏 Thank you Heather 💜

  2. I got on here TWO MINUTES after you released it and already 25 views! Go Heather.

  3. General forecast ✨ 3:30

    ♈️ 12:27

    ♉️ 15:29

    ♊️ 17:34

    ♋️ 19:45

    ♌️ 21:50

    ♍️ 23:53

    ♎️ 25:18

    ♏️ 27:22

    ♐️ 28:56

    ♑️ 30:32

    ♒️ 31:54

    ♓️ 33:44

    Next week’s energy 💫 35:44

  4. Video outline… 2:30
    General………… 3:30
    Announcement 11:15
    Aries…………….. 12:29
    Taurus………….. 15:30
    Gemini………….. 17:30
    Cancer………….. 19:44
    Leo………………. 21:50
    Virgo……………. 23:52
    Libra……………. 25:17
    Scorpio……….. 27:21
    Sagittarius……. 28:55
    Capricorn……… 30:30
    Aquarius……….. 31:53
    Pisces………….. 33:43
    Next Week………. 35:35
    Closing…………… 38:12

  5. Chile my sister has mercury in Pisces ♓️ and 🤦🏽‍♀️ but I try to have patients with her

  6. Spot on with Mercury in Pisces. I have Mercury 0 degrees Pisces and it Retrograde. Add to that it’s 7 degrees from my Aquarius Sun that is Squared by Neptune in my ASC Scorpio. Always thought in images…and struggle with Dyslexia….a gift and a burden. I have learned to work with this energy rather than be taken out….thanks to astrology.

    • My 8 year old has mercury in Pisces and retrograde! He has Pisces sun, mercury, venus, mars and neptune there. He is very dreamy, creative, filters reality through his imagination, very non practical, forgetful, lives in his head, lacks common sense. But he is very smart and does very well at school (he has aquarius moon). I’m really curious to see how this will develop later in his life because right now I’m always trying to make him think more rational (i have gemini mercury).

  7. Heather it always amazes me how accurate your messages are! Pisces ☀️, Scorpio 🌛 and Cancer rising here!! You hit the nail on the head. I finally made the decision to start putting in motion the changes I need for myself spiritually and in my career 🙏 Enrolling in the Cosmic Academy was one of those steps forward. Putting it all out there to the Universe 💜❤ Thank you!

  8. All I heard was blah blah BEST ASTROLOGY COURSE OF THE NEW DECADE blah 🙃🙏🏿👑

  9. I have mercury in pisces in the 7th house, but I’m a virgo rising with the sun (in pisces) in the 6th house and I work in the medical field. I also have saturn in my 3rd house but with great aspects to both saturn and mercury. I think my virgo placements are helpful in the thinking process but I also have a lot of mercurial people around me (my 7th house) who can help me when I recognize that neptune starts to confuse me. Studying was ok for me though, when I got to be alone and focus in solitude.

  10. Its funny i always experience the energies early. Already been there and done that! hehe Thanks, Heather!

  11. I don’t know why I found it so cute when you said “where you are gonna fly to Mexico and come back real fast” hehe great job Heather’ thank you for your wonderful insight!

  12. Fingers crossed that the stimulus arrives in time for my enrollment!

  13. You look beautiful, nice long hair and professionalism as always love your dedication thanks for sharing ♓️♓️⚜️🙏🏻

  14. Aries ☀️ & literally thinking about signing up to your Astro course 😂 although I do have questions so will be sending out an email shortly!!

  15. I’m a Pisces and not only is my Mercury in Pisces (28°) so is my Venus (3°)

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