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Dr. Joe Vitale is a spiritual teacher and author known for his appearance in the hit movie THE SECRET.

He has written 70 books that include the best sellers The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits, which dives into the Hawaiian practice for wealth, health and peace.

He is best known for his ideas on the laws of attraction, abundance mentality, and hypnotic language.

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  1. Well, yes wishful thinking does make stuff show up at your door. The best story I know of law of attraction happened before I knew this was a thing.
    My mom, who had money only to buy basic food and pay bills, decided one day she wanted to remove the two massive palmtrees that we had in the front house garden.
    She received from heritage some land and for more than 10 years she build a home and planted there this trees that grew with the years.
    We tried to make her change her mind as she had no money and we knew she would find a way anyway, getting some stuff done for free and other with discount, but still she would spend money that she really needed. And we loved those trees also.
    Anyway, after a couple of weeks of her non stopping with this story, one night someone knocks on the door, I go to answer and it was a man that wanted those trees.
    He said that he bought a property and every time he would drive by our house he saw the trees and loved them.
    He saw that our house driveway was not done and because he wad a construction company, he offer to do that work for us in exchange of the palmtrees. Of course he would also, he said, pay for the removal of the trees and leave the garden nicely done.
    I went inside and told my mother to act as if she never even thought of getting rid of them.
    Anyway, I have many evidences of the law of attraction, but this is my favorite one.

  2. Things that endanger us….

    1.Peoples opinions
    2. Family’s options
    3. Self doubt
    4. Laziness/lack of action (action trumps fear)
    5. Lack of knowledge
    6. Too much Mainstream radio TV, fiction movies, TV
    7. Hate
    8. Anger
    9. Fear
    10. Not having any mentors/ not reading and learning.

    • @D Taylor Peoples opinions in the main effect people, this is called Hetero Suggestion. Anything repeated to you and accepted by you coming from something or someone else can effect your subconscious mind. This why my channel exists, currently working on improving things, however it’s all about the kind of information and or messages that you allow to be repeated to you. Take control of that and you get a better result. As Joe said, stop watching news, it is bad for your subconscious mind. The antidote is to replace that information with it’s opposite. Take a look at my channel if you want to see or know more.

  3. The law of attraction truly works, but the key is true belief. It’s not easy to believe because we’re raised with limiting beliefs, and so this creates an inner conflict that restricts our minds. Everything starts with belief, but then you must take action towards that belief, essentially staying laser focused on a specific goal. Nothing I say will enable you to believe, that MUST come from within you. Remove your limiting beliefs and realize your potential. I will leave you with the question you must ask yourself in order to gain a new perspective. Are you truly giving all you have, with a positive outlook, while you focus solely on the steps you must take to move towards your end goal? If not, you need not wonder why you’ve yet to obtain said goal. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, and never forget that you have the untapped potential, use it!

  4. Dude love your podcast but put up part 2. Your website makes it difficult to access

  5. Joe Vitale thank you for defending the movie because most of your co-stars are hypocrites the movie improved their careers and yet they criticized the movie. THAT MOVIE CHANGED MY LIFE!

  6. The only problem I have with the law of attraction is that it assumes that we exist only to get what we want, however I doubt theirs a single human being , no matter how enlightened or how perfectly they practiced the LA, can say they get what they want all the time, sometimes what we want does not always benefit us and it’s a blessing we don’t receive it’s, one thing is certain though every human has at one point in their life been through trials and tribulations. I honestly believe our test in this life is to be content and grateful regardless of our circumstances.

  7. I began consciously using law of attraction 5 years ago and it changed my life. I healed my debilitating eating disorder, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, depression, and even chronic acne on my face. The innate power within each and every one of us is inexplicably profound and can dramatically transform any life circumstance or event. You can simply choose your illusion. ❤️

  8. Brian, I appreciate your initiatives and the platform that you have created to enlighten the world. I recently found London Real this week and I have been enjoying the interviews thus far. Thank you for your light.


  9. Buddha was prince from a wealthy kingdom. He didnt want it. Material wealth does not add to your spiritually. But possessing material wealth without attachment does not deter you away from spiritually. It is only when you ego is attached that it takes away from your presence away from your higher self.

  10. Your intro gave me tears – as the little baby in the womb shifts his or her’s hands. I want to thank you so much Brian, for believing in human potential and doing all that you do to wake people up to the immense possibilities. This is one of my favorite channels on YouTube and I will continue to listen.

  11. “Train your Mind to SEE the Good in Everything.” I am too looking for that painting 🖼

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