Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Life & Mental Health. Here’s Why.

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  1. Today is the day all your dreams will come true, just give thanks.
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    10 signs you’re doing self care *life changing*
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  2. Today is the day all your dreams will come true, just give thanks.

  3. You’re not reading this by accident, this is your confirmation you’re going to be alright. Everything is aligning for you.

  4. Very true! I was just telling my bf about this yesterday and he’s so closed minded he thought I was talking crazy! He wants to go viral and make money like this 🤦🏽‍♀️. Like omg so embarrassing 😂 just be yourself! Haha.

  5. It’s been about a month since I go rid of ALL social media. I didn’t realize how draining, and dependent I was on SM for validation. It’s been a beautiful transition that’s helped me connect more with self. This is beautiful

  6. Remember you don’t have a soul. You ARE a soul, and you have a body. 😌
    – peace and love from a growing youtuber✌🏽💚

    • I’ve been told: you are a soul and the soul is the body while the spirit is the life force that courses through the body 🤷‍♀️

    • I’m in a vortex. Because yea i didn’t realize this stuff before or just its a new world. I didn’t worry before too much. Now ai is near by. I think I’m easily talked into it. Dont humans like to share with others or for someone to see them. We can’t see people in person.i bet some of my friends think I’m an alien. Souls can be aliens i believe.

  7. Whenever I’m up I think to myself “ did Ralph drop a video today “ yes always clutch I appreciate you alarm clock 💪🏾😂

    • I always watch Ralf right before going to sleep haha…good night boys

  8. Exactly why I don’t post my life on social media. I only use to message some of my close loved ones 😊💗, I feel so free.

    • Girl you know you be on social media and youtube haha. i understand what you’re saying tho can’t let it rule you some ppl let it control their lives and dnt know how to live in real world when time but as you said it’s good tool for business, personal, inspiration to connect just have to also disconnect whenever need whether its morning, day, evening whatever is best for person. I dnt judge ppl bc some ppl actually are inspired from it not just watching others but posting themselves now we can feel a way abt it whether they post a lot or little some ppl post a lot seemingly everything little thing but if that makes them happy they should do it. Now they dnt have to post everything have to know if some things could have consequences good or bad but that’s for them to determine and move accordingly like if certain things wouldn’t be appropriate personally professionally job etc some ppl dnt have jobs that matter for them but also have to consider business or personal etc. everyone have to do what’s best for them. Some ppl just wanna look like you and maybe post sometimes or connect w friends others connect w friends and meet new ppl can’t block blessings. Also have to be careful make sure it’s the right ppl. Just like in real life. Like Ralph always says we can’t be used by technology but we also can use it if we want to and if we dnt we dnt have to we can get off it but we have to use technology and technology to me is a good thing when used right and with the right mindset. Anything can be used for good or bad. But what someone means for bad God means for our good also things aren’t necessarily meant for bad everything began for good originally. Only what God allows. If something is used for bad God allowed it for a purpose for God to get the glory. For our learning, lessons/karma whatever it is we may not know exactly but that’s bc we aren’t God now we are godlike, made in God’s image but we aren’t God. if someone wants/needs to be on it in am then they can now i recommend prayer/meditation etc hopefully that’s what ppl do first but i dont judge bc ppl should pray/meditate all day or at least daily. no one is perfect we strive to be of course but God is just and forgiving and we cannot be hard on ourselves or others bc when you judge others you judge yourself. its important not to be in our egos but I know your intentions are good I just would rather let ppl do what makes them happy as long as they arent hurting themselves/others etc alot times when we judge ppl we are really thinking abt ourselves and what’s best for us, but the key is to think abt what is best for others. we can recommend, advise tell others what worked for us but let them choose bc ultimately they have to live their lives and feel free to do so. ppl are gonna do what they want anyway trust me and thats good we have to not be offended by what others do you miss out on blessings. its good to relate, connect have friends online/in person im glad you had discipline to do what was best for you bc solitude you do find yourself but we also must know when we need to connect with others as well, live life and have fun but everyone is diff. some are good being alone alot, some good w balance being alone as well as we ppl some good being w ppl alot but its good to be able to do both when ppl cant, when dnt want or just grow apart. peace and blessings to you all

  9. No man on this earth is perfect ✨ you can only be perfectly yourself 🌻if you wanna see a change in the world, then start with the man/woman in the mirror 🪞 we got this 💪🏽 Gratitude Ralphie 🙏🏽💜🐺 One love 🌎🌈🌊

    Ps – everybody woke up to take a dump today 💩💩💩

  10. I’m 25 and I have never had an Instagram and I haven’t had a Facebook in several years, the only social media I have been on in 7 years has been YouTube, I have PTSD and that stuff is too stressful for me. I focus my time rescuing all kinds of animals. Ralph you are a huge inspiration to me.

  11. Soon you’ll see yourself living exactly how you want. The dream becomes a reality!

  12. Social media not only snatches your time, but it also teaches you attention deficiency.

  13. If you read this, a big energy shift has happened for you. Money will come, love will find you. Life will turn out a lot better than you had imagined.

    • Thank you for your inspiration dear Ralph! You mentioned my name during your live stream recently and YOU made my day!! Please say a prayer for my complete healing from Lyme disease.
      Sending love and hugs from Canada!

  14. There is no boredom in the world only people thinking boring thoughts..
    “It’s all fun and games still we start checking that paper work”..

  15. I like that saying. “I use social media but I’m never used by social media” -Ralph Smart

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