Don’t Fight Your Mirror, Clean It From The Inside w/ Michael B. Beckwith

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"Walk through your day wondering, “How is the miracle going to happen? What is it going to happen through? I know it’s here. It’s everywhere. I’m holding space in it. I’m becoming a vibrational placeholder for the miracle every single day.” "~Michael B. Beckwith, June 6, 2021, 11:30am service.

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  1. I guess you are one of those Best Appreciated Master that GOOD put in my Way to connect with him. God Bless You everyday. Thanks for all your Magistral Messages, Magistral Classes.

  2. So incredibly eloquent with creating inspired action in me🙏🏻💓

  3. You are so right I did that with a sprained ankle and I put my hand on the ankle and I said my ankle is healthy my ankle is healthy it’s so cool when you remember and you keep remembering it’s not so cool when you forget but those are the things that you have to like you said practice you have to keep practicing over and over again until you’re in remembrance of how powerful we are!!!🙏❤️🦋💕🌈🤓

  4. I have reached the sweet spot. I have cleared all my blacks. I felt warmth and love radiating from my heart when I reached this level last week. I then went to a Chakra healer all the warmth and love was radiating from within my heart and hands ( radiating from within but also out). The energy then went to my head where I saw my 3rd eye. It was bright and was pure positive love energy. I saw my past present and future in one. God is real. He lives in us all. All you have to do is clear your subconscious mind. Live in the present moment as that is the key. Because there is no past and there is no future. It all is in the PRESENT moment AMEN!

  5. This was beyond powerful, a divine message indeed 🙌🏾. I was moved on a soul level & it bring me to tears! Thank you so much, Dr. Beckwith!

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