Don’t Fall Into The Victim Of Mental Chatter | Srikumar Rao #Shorts

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  1. *Don’t be afraid to start all over again.*
    *This time you are not starting from scratch.*
    *You are starting from experience.* 📚

  2. When an obstical presents itself you can work towards traversing the obstical or you can panic and dwell on the difficulties. The difference between two equally experienced people will be their habbits. The person who habitually identifies their options on how to deal with a problem and sets to work to defeat the problem will resolve it before the person who panics and dwells on an issue before considering the ways to succeed and taking action. Person one considers success first then takes action. Person two considers failure first before considering success then taking action. Person two is the architect of their own failure more often then not and is less likely to continue towards success. Person one reaches success earlier and more frequently as they take action earlier not stopping when failure happens.

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