Don’t Be Haunted, Be Undaunted! The Newness of You! w/ Michael B. Beckwith

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We are being called to greatness. We are being called to be an individualized expression of the Most High God according to the activation of the distinct Spiritual idea that we are. So let us be undaunted in our awareness that the presence of God is always for us, therefore, there is no thing against us. ~Michael B. Beckwith, Jan. 02, 2022.

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  1. Great Information…..Thank You appreciated your talented words to help describe our world situations of the “Todays” Appreciated Michael ❤🙏

  2. Thank you for an incredible morning! 2022!!

  3. You are the co-creator of your own Destiny- Allow yourself to plant the seeds of abundance…..let go of conditions, place abundant seeds-
    Awesome & Inspiring video, full of great Energy & motivation-

    Thanks for posting💥☀️

  4. Thank you Rev, you are a blessing to many including myself. Namaste ❤️❤️❤️🌈🕯️✨🦄💫🔮🙏

  5. I am so grateful that God had the idea of Michael I am. All is well in All of the CREATION. I am in love with my life I am. I am truly blessed. I am covered in God’s grace I am. amen.

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