Does Free Will Exist? – What Is Will?

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The definitive answer to the free will question. The metaphysics of Will as revealed by absolute consciousness. Become directly conscious of what Will is.

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  1. anyone else (if there is an “other”) just waiting for the surrender to cause a complete collapse of EVERYTHING? its kinda scary

    • Fear of no self is what keeps us all in orbit from falling into the black hole of nothingness

  2. This came in perfect timing(Coincidence I think not ) after my deepest awaking into true NPC GOD MODE last night

  3. 55:18

    _”… it must be absolute love …”_

    So you say that even the
    hands of the source are tied.
    That even an omnipotent will
    can only create such a
    “moderately wonderful”
    existence. And still,
    this existence
    exists …
    (It has no better thing to do,

  4. Yes we were intelligent enough to use “suspension of disbelief “ to enjoy vampires and magic and aliens and everything else we know is just subatomic electromagnetic energy waves…. And create all the experiences that make our existence as a bored lonely singularity a more enjoyable experience….

  5. You are the UNI get it universe… singularity consciousness ONE MIND experiencing itself from an ever changing conscious energy form that cannot be created or destroyed.

  6. I’ve heard of people becoming conscious of how they were making themselves walk and use the telephone during a stroke. They said they were hearing themselves tell the leg muscles to lift, move, and tighten. I’m sure it wasn’t in language but to them it was like that.

  7. The planet the sun the tree are all a product of our consciousness ONE MIND perceiving it’s singularity from many different perspectives

  8. Leo says the infinitude of consciousness, love and that all reality is an imagination is a conclusion that can only be reached by personal investigation. Is there then anything more for me to really grasp from these videos? It seems that I can only take the final step on my own

    • “It seems that I can only take the final step on my own” exactly, except just like all the steps before you took them on your own aswell

  9. Oh, also, I just figured out that the great Socrates, though lionized, was actually being very craven with some of his students, and he was sentenced to drink hemlock in turn, rather than as a random punishment.

  10. 6 minutes in, I really like the structure of this so far. I think there is actually an alternative meaning of free will that I’d like to share. It’s a side-step from this video (at least I think it is), but I think it’ll be interesting reading anyway. From a biblical sense, it’s less about who’s in control, and more about being capable of deviating from your ‘commandments’. ‘Free’ in this sense means to unshackle or not be held to something. So free will is the capacity to be a sinner. With intelligence, we’re given the ability to sin by judging our own actions as necessary or not, given our circumstances. This interpretation does not even answer the question of whether things are determined for us.

    The way I like to think of this is if a programmer were designing the structures of our brain, and constructed it over time. Before the ‘apple of knowledge’, we had no capacity to defy our moral obligations. Knowledge however gives us the capacity to bend those rules when we feel it is necessary or valuable to do so. That capability is ‘free will’, at least if you interpret the bible in this way.

  11. 😱😱I’ve been waiting for this since “WHAT IS THE POINT OF LIFE” episode ! 😍😍

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