Do you have what it takes to GO PRO? A Successful Professional Astrologer SPEAKS UP!

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Do you have what it takes to GO PRO? A Successful Professional Astrologer SPEAKS UP!

People have been CONSTANTLY reaching out with this question these past few months and as I move into developing and offering quality, higher-level astrology courses in 2021, I know the number of people asking this question will only increase! So, I decided to do a raw, honest and unfiltered video answering this question. I know many people will become upset over what I have to say here, but that’s ok. To lie about this topic in order to keep the peace would only be hurting my audience!

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  1. I’ve been wondering, this exact question. I do my coworkers charts and just those few people are really draining. The energy it takes is enormous.

  2. To be honest i learn and studied astrology not to make financial gains but to find out more about my self. The more i learn about it the more closer i felt to the universe. I’ve never been religious, infact i despise dogmatic religion. But somehow learning about astrology has made me realize where my center is.
    I have Scorpio Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio. Not to mention my chart ruler is in the 8th house and i have Pluto in the 1st house so intense emotions is part of my fabric. Through learning about astrology i definitely feel more serene and happier and those feelings worth more than money.
    I just hope for those who wants to pursue a career in astrology please learn more about yourself first before start deciphering other people’s life 🙏🙏🙏

    • Why do I feel like Scorpios make the best astrologers. We are definently underrated for sure! People attribute Virgos placements to good astrologers. I digress.

      – Scorpio stelium (sun, mercury, Venus, Pluto), mercury conjunct Pluto, sextile neptune and Saturn. With north node in aquarius and Uranus in 9th house. —- I think all of these placements will make me a great astrologer.

    • I have 6 planets and my North Node in the 8th house that rules astrology. My 8th house Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus sextile to my Ascendent. I have the passion and enjoy learning new things all the time with astrology. I practice by first reading charts of people I know and then have done the same on people who ask that I don’t know as well.

  3. Early squaaad! I was JUST wondering about this as I am an astrology junkie! Super happy to see you came out with such a video, thank you!!

  4. I’ve been studying for 7yrs. I do readings, but it’s more like a counseling session. When they come to me they’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on in their lives. I’ve had good results so far💜I still don’t charge but I do take love offerings. Thanks Heather💜😀

  5. Would you recommend studying vedic astrology? It might be even more complex. But on the same time more accurate from what I read.

    • You have to decide for yourself. Vedic/Sidereal astrology should be accompanied by a parallel Vedic spiritual path, otherwise you are better off staying with Western astrology which can be entirely secular.

  6. You are the best!!! Thank you for this! I love to study and have been studying for years..but there is always something else to learn-and then master! You are one of my distant mentors. I’d definitely love to learn more from you!

  7. I been looking for a video like this for days now. And long behold!

    – an 8 years astrology student

  8. I have plans of starting an astrology business in a few months and I 100% agree with you!!!

  9. I loved this honest approach thank you Heather! Already on the waitlist 👍

  10. Great topic, Heather! Anything more you can share about astrology as a profession would be wonderful. ❤️

  11. I created my YouTube 2 years ago in February.. Its been hard to make money ! But doing the charts consistently has grown my understanding so much!!

  12. I love the study of astrology and how there is always something to learn. It’s very exciting. 🧚🏽💫 🪐

  13. Thank you for doing this heather! I’ve been following astrology for two years now and I am so enamored by the stars! I signed up for the waitlist! So excited for the journey! 🙂

  14. Omg!! Thank you thank you thank you for this. I am a metaphysical student. Just finished my masters in metaphysical science. I’m working on my doctorate but I want to incorporate the astrology. And I have been learning from you for two years now. And I so appreciate you. I’ve taken one of your courses also. I’m also a massage therapist for 16 years and just opened my business last year. It’s so much but so satisfying to help others heal mental emotionally and physically. Astrology changed my life. It helped me to know myself to my core. And understand myself like I never did before. It is a passion for me. And I am grateful to have you on this journey.

  15. After studying astrology for two years it has dawned on me that being an astrologer is one of the most hardest professions there is. The good thing is that one can see it straight from one’s chart whether or not one will become an astrologer.

    At least through sidereal astrology, just by looking deeply not only to D1 but also D9, D10 and the Holy Grail of D60, Shastiamsa. One will just know whether or not it’s in the stars.

    Speaking from tropical point-of-view I have Mercury trine Pluto, I feel by being granted this conjunction by birth I was destined to penetrate deeply into the mysteries of life. That being said, for me it’s just a great delight to know oneself deeply, such joy and peace.

    I don’t even care that deeply will I become an astrologer, it’s just an ordeal of love when Jyotir Vidya overtakes your soul and shows you how full of wonder all of This IS.

    Gosh, it’s been little over two years when I got a report that said (among many things):
    ”You are acutely perceptive, and quite sensitive. You will be deeply influenced by life, and you will experience both the wonders and sorrows of the human condition. You may move, either permanently or temporarily, to another country. You will be given the authority to examine and analyze people. Your instincts about others will be appreciated.”

    And I was hooked. Still am. Who knows, maybe this is love.💜🙏

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