Do We Finally Have Scientific Proof of Reincarnation?

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The idea of a soul traversing lifetime after lifetime has been a part of our spiritual beliefs since the beginning of time. It is still a contentious subject in psychological fields, but it is becoming more accepted as new evidence comes forward. Now you can get a microdose of current studies into two forms of remembering past lives.

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  1. Thank you Gaia for everything you do and everything you are Positivity and Agapé to you infinity♾️🍎🌻

    • If u could understand Hindi I would have send u next level practice by Yogi’s..

    • @Avatar u need to master the zero.. the shunya first to go to the next… Even the first…

  2. Time is cycle we are going back in 10000 yrs old history of being a god … knowing all about creation and make new machines to make this happened…

  3. Many important and well known figures from biblical past are here on earth today reincarnated with amnesia..The hidden hand knows who we are but we don’t…yet.

    • Does not really matter who we were in past lives . Its all been wiped. We reincarnate to learn lessons we did not learn previously, No person is better than another, no matter what past life you had.

  4. I lost my job during the pandemic

    I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD 🌎 🌍

  5. I have an identical twin sister. I can remember choosing things with her before we were born. I remember we made all the same choices for the first part of our lives and then at one point she strayed a little bit. She made some choices I didn’t like and wouldn’t follow my lead. Eventually she came back to choosing all of the same things I chose for the later part of our lives.

  6. In Thailand, Cambodia and other part of SEA countries, there are many local cases of children who remember their past lives. A friend of mine who’s now a sweet mother of two children remembers her past life as a man, her past life’s wife is still living today, they had met each other to confirm who is who, and still meeting occasionally. Thanks Gaia for bringing this up so that many desperate people will have hopes again, many evil doers will begin to do good deeds once knowing that we are here to Evolve.

  7. Doesn’t the fact that the population is continuously growing make “reincarnation” highly unlikely?

  8. Great material as always, and I’m all in for the possibility of life after life, including reincarnation. But when you mention “scientific evidence” of reincarnation and then proceed to discuss “thousands of case studies” that are essentially anecdotal “evidence”, the answer is no – we do not have scientific proof, much as I’d like to be wrong 🙂

  9. We don’t need scientific proof of reincarnation. Reincarnation existed before modern science.

    • He was a teacher when he was shot riding his bike to teach at school. The cartoon image of the person riding a bike looks like a child, hence your confusion.

  10. I miss my wife so much. I sure hope we can reincarnate together someday.

  11. Energy cannot be created or nether destroyed only changed moved on

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