Do Ancient Vedic Texts Describe Atomic Weapons?

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The Hindu Vedas are rife with fantastic stories of epic battles and describe noble Gods fighting from the sky. But descriptions of their weapons sound eerily familiar to modern nuclear arms. Do these stories describe ancient nuclear wars, or are they simply mythological?

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    • @Sahil Rawat All but one religion are offshoots of Babylonia mystery religions. They are, at the core, evil.

    • @Purabi Saha do you even know the source of your proud… as to what feelings generate proudness in oneself and what is ego?

    • @Sahil Rawat That you are assuming you know a little more than me about Hinduism and ego and proudness is nothing but pure proudness….. at least I know this

    • @Sahil Rawat I have the feeling that proudness is the source of my belief about a religion. If I believe the religion at my core I must be proud . Simple

  1. The words are to fast for me. However I got the gist and agree. Those so called gods aren’t gods just homicidal maniacs from another planet. They didn’t care about living beings at all. We were and still treated as if we’re just lab rat’s

    • @Mr Foody You have to read the epic to understand it you doofus. A family of twisted royalty wanted to uproot the spiritual kingdom of Bharat, so the Supreme Personality of Godhead urged all the righteous warriors to fight against evil

    • @HGB 1 Hmmm , Can you elaborate abit more Dona. One is abit Confused dear

  2. I am an Hindu and ancient astronaut theory believer and ask me that this video is fully true

  3. Whatsoever that deals with yogic or related stuff are just occult practices. And occultism is against the creator.

    • @Black Cat Majik Too many people think they need an institution to have a faith or spiritual practice. The church is what destroyed humanity.
      Also, most of them don’t even read their own holy scripture lol.

    • @Z religion is without a doubt responsible for most of the suffering our planet has endured. .but i think we are outgrowing that nonsense. and about time.

    • @Black Cat Majik I absolutely agree with you. For years they had fooled me thank goodness I know the truth now. If only I could get some family members to just open their minds a small bit.

    • Hindus are some of the most kind and peaceful people on earth until there backed in a corner or someone tries to take what’s there’s.

    • @Cindy Fitzgerald i don’t envy your’e task in changing their minds. . most of them are lost causes. they would rather go to their grave believing the brainwashing they have been fed rather than admit the possibility they are wrong. . its sad. but good luck for you.

  4. I believe it.
    Even the ancient sumerian tablets, written in cuneiform mention a Sinai spaceport and some sort of nuclear war several thousands of years ago

    • Thinking of Moses on mt. Saini, had to turn his his away from burning bush? That could have been a vessel

  5. The cut in valles marineris on mars has been formed through cosmic thunderbolt. Engineer Ralph E juergens proposed that cosmic thunderbolt could be an weapon used by God indra that he used to kill vitasur. ( Any sanskrit or Hindu people will understand)

  6. I wish you people can access to cosmic register where you can know whatever you want to know.

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