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How to influence people.

In this video, Michael Beckwith shares about the spiritual nature of influence. Influence is everywhere, and it happens on different levels: overt influence, covert influence, and subliminal influence. In all these levels, you have to exert energy in order to be able to influence others. But when you learn how to be influential, you won’t need to use any force. Instead, you’ll only be channeling the universe’s influence through you.

Join Michael Beckwith in this video and learn how to influence people.😊

About Michael Beckwith:

✅Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational spiritual community with a congregation of over 9,000 members.

✅He has appeared on Dr. Oz, The Oprah Show, Larry King Live and in his own PBS Special, The Answer Is You, spreading his message to millions of people. He also participated alongside the Dalai Lama and other New Thought Ministers in The Synthesis Dialogues.

✅Dr. Beckwith is the creator of the Life Visioning Process, which he teaches all over the globe through his books and seminars. At its core, the process is a way to fully embrace your connection to the divine and let the Universe serve through you.

About the masterclass: “True Manifesting From The Soul.”

You’ll learn:

Why you can’t manifest the things you really want – Discover why ‘visualizing’ for something too much actually pushes you further away from your desires.

The difference between Manifesting vs True Manifesting – Understanding the difference will explain why achieving the things you think you want never results in deep fulfilling happiness.

The 4 Stages of Spiritual Development – Why exposing and how you can use it as a roadmap to get to your next profound awakening even faster.

How to surrender to your Soul’s grander vision – So you can step into a new life with opportunities you could never have imagined on your own.

How to overcome your biggest challenges and pains – Instead of trying to fix the problem directly, learn how to take a spiritual shortcut and transcend them completely.

Spiritual shape shifting – A beautiful 2-step practice of elevating areas of your life that you’re struggling with by transmuting the energy from another area of your life that’s working well.

The 8 Life Structures: Use this simple framework to diagnose which parts of your life to focus your attention to so you live a balanced and blissful life.

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