Deepak Chopra with Dr. Brian Keating: How to Know God

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00:00:00 Intro
00:07:15 What do you make of the way science is regarded?
00:08:54 Research on the effect of meditation on aging with Nobelists (telomeres)
00:10:12 Science is not the only way to "know" the world.
00:14:20 Can matter create mind? How is wisdom different than knowledge?
00:16:24 External vs. internal knowledge and the scientific method.
00:19:51 What is the nature of existence?
00:21:29 Knowing God & the "God of the Gaps": the elusive definition of consciousness.
00:23:44 Different ways to think about consciousness from a spiritual perspective
00:30:54 Defending extension of the senses in the service of science.
00:33:09 Deepak explains consciousness.
00:38:37 What is your moral imperative? Why must you be vegan? The evolution of consciousness.
00:43:04 How do you organize your life?
00:47:44 The #1 thing in Deepak's life.
00:48:58 Deepak's four stages of life and where he is now.
00:51:41 Advice from Deepak on how can we extend our lives?
00:58:07 Strategies on to have a disagreement like an adult.
01:01:02 What would Deepak put in your "ethical will"?
01:01:55 What would Deepak put in your billion-year time capsule?
01:04:57 What advice would Deepak give his younger self?

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