Deepak Chopra talks about his Wellness Retreats on EXTRA TV

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“Extra” Special Correspondent and @Chopra Meditation Teacher Devi Brown sat down with wellness guru Deepak Chopra as he promoted his Chopra retreat, which includes engaging talks with world leaders, yoga, and meditation.

Of the retreat, Chopra stressed, “It’s about the integration of mind body and spirit to understand that the body mind and spirit are the same entity in different appearances.”

Chopra’s world just got even fuller with his new Chopra well-being app and 12-episode podcast “Deepak Chopra’s Mind Body Zone: Living Outside the Box.”

Deepak also discussed his friend Oprah Winfrey, who is all about “the power of vulnerability.” Watch!

Check out the listing on Extra TV –
Mind Body Zone is a brand new podcast on @Audible hosted by Deepak Chopra and helping to shift our focus from our stories and to embrace our dharma. Click here to get started –

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