Deconstructing The Myth Of Science – Part 3

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Answering the question of What is science? An exploration of the metaphysical and epistemic limitations of current science and how to advance science to the next stage of its evolution.

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  1. Please talk us about sociale anxiety disorder it roined my life by the way I am from morocco and there is no therapists right here I am really suffering for it

    • Leo has some older videos that go over this kind of content if you look for emotional mastery. Or check out his book list…Five Pillars of Self-Esteem for example is a good one.

      Try meditating and journaling. You need to observe what causes your anxious episodes and make a constant effort towards creating a solution. Visualization excercises are very helpful too because they put you in positive state of mind and can help you find much more self-confidence.

    • Ayoub Kam watch his episodes “how fear works” part 1 and 2 they can help

    • I dont know if it help, but I think the most important thing you can do Is to reduce stress.

      You can reduce fairly easy by changeing you enviroment, such as taking a vacation, cleaning your room, take long walks ect.

      If you Are very stubborn and often hide your emotion try to take a feminin way. Try to take a hour of your day A CRY it All out.

      Perhaps there Are stress or sadness in your body you Are uncounsionus about. A Guy comment ed about the video “the power of letting go” maybe its good, but try to get in touch with what is true for you.

      Maybe you should take the maskuline approach and set goals, such as cleaning the house, aplly for your dream job, work out ect.

      Try to look into Leos video “the key to happyness” or something like that if you need a maskuline approach

      Other than that. Try to get enouth sleep if you Arent allready. That can play a major part, as it did with me

    • Love and support man! I know you struggling.
      I only can suggest a thing like read self help book, meditation, surround your self with people love you and watch good quality content. This method can help “rewire” your mind and thoughts

  2. I support exploring this topic and I’m sure there’s wisdom here. But putting this out during a time of pandemic is a little irresponsible.

    • If you ask yourself has the flu killed more people then this so-called pandemic? And ask if it’s worth shutting the world economy down. Every single person that I heard of that died from Ed died from complications with at least two other severe health problems. And most are over 75 years old. If they tallied up every SLU case and called it flew in 95 or whatever they wanted to call it people would be so scared to leave their homes because a thousand times more people have gotten the flu and the deaths from the flu are far far higher than this pandemic that is supposed to be a virus that has lasted almost a year now

  3. The most important thing that people/scientists do not consciously understand, is that our understanding of reality is a whole lot of ideas in the mind. Everything is an idea about reality. Ideas lead to fixed, limited misconceptions, accompanied with an emotional charge. We need to be aware of the egoic part of the mind that thinks he/she is “doing science”
    The identification with the words “I am a scientist” is attaching oneself to a limited and therefore biased idea which excludes ideas of (and investigation of) metaphysics. Any identification with any field, or position, is the same. All the sensory perceptions vibrating through the external world enter the nervous system, through the eyes and ears, and flow into the mind as ideas. However I am told that justice wears a blindfold and weighs, using scales, to find the truth. This points to ‘listening’ as the key. Listening beyond the thinking. Being aware of awareness and cognition through the listening attention can perceive the truth. Through intuition. Not through the ego looking through the eyes, believing what is apparently seen, and subsequently formulating fixed ideas and concepts and opinions about reality, claiming to definitively “know” something…

    Basically, on a quantum level, everything is vibration. Words are vibrations that lead to ideas and feelings. The question is what is an idea? What is the intelligence behind everything? Plato said that every form comes from the original unmanifest realm of ideas. If only we could observe in ourselves these ideas and observe where they come from and what they are made from…. We need direct experience of the source of creation.

  4. I think one thing you pointed out is much more significant than people realize. We often think that because we can conceptualize a “simple” physical process, that it is pointless to do. For instance, closing your eyes and counting to 10 when you’re mad. People believe their moods are so much more complex than they are, despite the fact that they are switched by the simplest triggers, and could thus be switched back with simple triggers. Most people hear that suggestion and roll their eyes, because they know themselves and counting to 10 is too simple to help. Yet, THEY HAVE NEVER EVER TRIED IT! This is true for COUNTLESS things. Simple activities with incredible results are routinely shrugged off because of their simplicity. I’m guilty of this myself. Then, I started trying things, testing the waters, and was amazed. For instance, turning your palms face up when you sit, actually changes the chamber your lungs use to inhale. It goes from the bottom, to the upper middle, giving you much more oxygen and making you feel good. This is why meditators sit palm up, yet NOBODY KNOWS THIS BECAUSE NOBODY IS WILLING TO TEST THINGS THEY CONSIDER DUMB. The world is filled with simple remedies and curiosities, both physical and non physical, that deserve your consideration. Yet, most people would rather sink into depression than admit that a simple 10 second remedy might have been all that was standing between them and happiness.

  5. In German, science is called “Wissenschaft” which means something like “knowledge-creating”

    • @Kosmos, Natur & Bewusstsein Ah then its not knowledge creating but more like a knowledge group.. interesting 😀

    • @Kosmos, Natur & Bewusstsein Gesellschaft = Gesellen Schaffen
      Wirtschaft = Wirte Schaffen
      It makes totally sense to me, language evolves and changes, that most words won’t stay true to their roots is just normal

    • @skyze Language is surely ever-changing. Well, I don’t know the true origin, but indeed even if the phonetic resemblance was accidental this doesn’t mean there can’t be a subtext like this. It makes sense for sure 🙂

    • In sanskrit it’s called विग्यान (ग्यान gyaan= knowledge; वि-ग्यान vi-gyaan = realized knowledge)

  6. Dear Leo,

    School systems teach us that in order to be a scientist, you need to study, study, study …a lot. All brilliant minds did this.
    I thought Einstein did the same, he was always solving equations and studying books. But a few years ago, I saw a documentary about life of Einstein, I was shocked, he spent many of his time, meditating to nature and all things around him.
    This event changed my mind, study is important, but spending time to yourself and everything around you are more important than studying.


  7. I once was on an acid trip with a group of friends.
    Me and my girlfriend have found an interesting looking leaf during the trip. We were amazed by it, marvelled at it, pointed out different details about the leaf to each other, and theorized about the functions of the different parts of the leaf.

    Another friend came to us, and laughingly asked us what we were doing.

    We said to her: leave us alone, we are doing science!

  8. One of your most practical videos, this would have been of great help to me 2-3 years ago when i was deep into my own questioning and deconstruction of language and every concept i held.. I think this has the potential to help many ppl if they give it a chance.

  9. “Without science you wouldn’t have a sense of reality”

    Absolutely false. I was born having sense of reality. Sense of ‘me’ seeing an objective reality. I never really had to read any science book nor did I like it. It’s common sense.

    We know we are only the subjects and reality is not an illusion.

    Everything is not one with you.
    Oneness is a complete delusion, and this fact has NOTHING to do with science, at all.

    • Language is taught through science. It’s intertwined with you.
      You say we are not one but your forgetting , all division is imaginary . Only you say were the middle of piece of paper is . Only you can say that the ground is different from the tree. Without an observer there is no difference between anything it’s all one piece. Become aware of this it’s not wishful thinking it’s true logically. I say where my arm ends and my torso begins I say when black becomes gray becomes white. I say what constitutes as one thing compared to another

    • @Jason Braun Nope. Language developed on intuition, it has nothing to do with science.

      “You forgot that division is imaginary”
      Forgot? How can I forget a statement that is evidently utterly false? You’ve been watching too much Leo Gura and you are clearly utterly brainwashed. Division IS NOT, in any way, shape or form, imaginary.
      The way we communicate RIGHT NOW is through division, this is OBJECTIVELY real. Unless you show me how you can communicate with me without paying your internet provider, getting a cellphone and expecting your message/info to travel across space and time to reach whatever place I am in. This is all done through time and space and all the division you can ever think of.

      “Only you can say where the middle of the paper is”
      SOOOOOO? What is your point? 😂
      We make predictions and UNDERSTAND what is there to FAVOR communication.

      “Only you can say that the ground is different than the tree”
      😂😂😂. No everything points to this fact. What we do is RECOGNIZE that the ground is not similar with the tree.
      Are you a troll?

      “All one piece”
      What is all one piece? 😂😂, not even one leaf is the same as the others, there are thousands of LEAFS, Let alone the wood, which is not even in the same room of discussion. I don’t even need to point out that the ground is literally distinguishable and recognized as a ground and the tree as a tree, even for birds or ants.
      You are so beyond confusion by watching this denialist rambling machine called Leo Gura.

      Yep. You recognize one thing from another. Try making a small cut on your legs with a knife and then do the same thing with your penis, imagining they are both all “one”, would you do that?

    • Unfortunely for you, I was born, and so was you.
      I can see signs of time in your skin Leo, I can see fat pictures of you 15 years ago, like any normal human you are getting old, through time you are getting old, and to get old you must have been born some way or another. Unless you came from the sky from aliens of the red dimension 😃. I don’t think you believe that, do you?

  10. I thought it was a really good critique, and this is coming from someone who has formerly busted your balls for being a science hater. I do have some questions but they are more related to the metaphysics related to your consciousness-first model rather than the critique of science itself…

    1) what is the nature of thoughts, feelings, perceptions, emotions and memories? How do they “connect” to consciousness? If we have raw experience as the foundation, do these secondary / finite phenomena attach themselves through physical projections such as the brain, or are they more fundamental and intrinsic to consciousness itself? Maybe a better way of asking this question is: what part of mind is fundamental and what parts are secondary?

    2) related to 1), you say that science is the study of “human neurology”. This is a bit confusing as it suggestions that it is the study of the projection that is neurons and brains, since neurology refers to neurons and brains. Maybe you could expand on this.

    3) When encountering absolute infinity via powerful ego-dissolvers such as 5-MEO-DMT, what is actually brought back or learned from such experiences? Given that secondary mental functions such as concepts or knowledge are finite in nature, and that any ego-death experience must be interpreted by the ego-mind once the drug wears off, how can we trust any conclusions we have from such experiences? When you claim you can experience absolute infinity for yourself, do you have any doubts that it is possible that the interplay between consciousness and the mental projection of 5-MEO-DMT could create a kind of strange-loop deception, where what you are experiencing is not “real”? (I realize this last question is kind of absurd but what I’m trying to ask is do you think there is any possibility that such experiences are a form of deception)?

  11. “The more I study science, the more I believe in God” – Albert Einstein

  12. “Science. It tries to give hope in a world torn apart by Science.”- Leo Gura

  13. Leo thank you literally for saving me from getting drunk to death by the opium of science! 🙏

  14. I’ve been lucky enough to know a couple really good scientists. Mystical cats. They all had really good tattoos. There might be a mindset connection there.

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