Deconstructing The Myth Of Science – Part 2

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A deep exploration of the epistemic limits of science. Over a dozen fundamental problems that plague the foundations of science.

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  1. Now that the video is dropped he can be free to do 5meo tonight on a full moon Saturday Halloween night. Have a good Halloween leo! Thanks for the early video!

    • @technological akshually ༼void༽ spaghetti seeds self=ego=contraction=limitation=separateness. The non-self is not ‘experienced by this one singular organism’. There is no singular organism, this is purely conceptual. Non-self is not an experience. Pure states of consciousness i.e. God Infinity is not an experience. ‘Organisms biochemical makeup’ is exactly the kinda of concept that the scientist needs to dissolve and go beyond. There is no physical reality of the organism. There is no biochemical makeup. There is just pure God Infinity which is beyond body, mind, self, world, life, belief, concept, symbols etc etc. This is what ‘the scientist’ needs to realise – not some fun visual hallucinations with low DMT dose.

    • @Space i know but how do we know this isn’t just yet another illusion of the ego? will you ever dissolve if you cling to language? the only way to truly dissolve is to let go of everything which isn’t possible because once you attain the knowledge of language you can’t disconnect from it. once you learn language as a child it shackles you to this reality and the infinity which we conceptualize is just a conception. how do you reach the void if you cling to a conception of the void? =P

      when we keep acknowledging these constraints we further cement them. watching this video… replying in these comments…. =P

      seriously i don’t have the answers i’m just taking the opportunity to connect to your ego for a few minutes hehe.

    • @technological akshually ༼void༽ spaghetti seeds You have direct access to Absolute Truth.

    • You can’t make psychedelics mandatory. It seems like a great idea, and for those who are ready for ultimate truth, they can be great. However, the hippie culture found out in the 60’s that giving “free love” to a culture who was not ready for it mostly backfired.

      Also remember that the people in this group, who actually are doing inner work are the exception to the rule. I would have the time of my life on DMT, while my Christian parents would believe the devil to be at work. As Terrence McKenna said, “Psychedelics don’t work on stupid people.” That was not directed at my parents specifically, but as humanity as a whole.

  2. How does Leo manage to talk for hours without notes? Do you think he looks down every so often at notes that are not in the camera frame? Either way it is very impressive.

    • Think he got slides or key notes going on behind the camera. I have seen him click a little remote or something in his hand before

    • I wondered that 🤔 I thought he just dose it of the cuff from memory, that’s really cool if he dose 🤷‍♂️🤔

  3. 7:09 leo mentions cat videos reminded me of schrodinger’s cat 😐🐈 LOL🤣

  4. Newton – “It’s a law, I swear!”
    Leo -” Hold my frog! “

    • yah newton was an natural philosopher so he is not deluded!!

    • God is…..’gong’ (Alan Watts) .. Leo, it might be interesting for you to ponder the following. I have many slogans. Life is levels and layers. Life is roles, functions and processes. We are ubiquitous and malleable consciousness (essence) etc. However, another one I use is, ‘we are born to experience’ … unlike religious people, I see God as GES. Generator, Enabler and Sustainer. Ok, cutting to the chase. I’m more inclined to ‘feel’ God through meditation (and not even, just flopping on my bed and switching off) … However, I see stuff like ayahuasca and 5 MEO DMT (I haven’t done either) as being the polar opposite. Life is polarity, an oxymoronic relationship like yin and yang. Do you merely draw conclusions from both by flitting between them and see God as the Enabler of those experiences? I wouldn’t use the word, ‘reconcile’, but others not on such a deep level might. Oh, and what do you think of unitarian experiences where you fully blend/merge with all around you? I can best describe it as a ‘vaporising’ experience. It’s as if you evaporate and ‘meld’ to all around you. Thanks!!

  5. Leo….can you hold a live event. Ill get over my fear of flying and come from PA. Id be pretty upset if you left us without the opportunity to see you in person!

  6. The Leo DMT jokes and memes are fun but I hope no one thinks it’s the only way. It’s a useful tool but it alone can’t do much if you don’t do the work. Just something I noticed.

    • Memes are ideas that replicate — David Deutsch.
      Genes (tangible, particulates, entropy) are dual to memes (intangible, ideas, syntropy).
      Mind (thinking, ideas) is dual to matter (atoms, forces) — Descartes.
      Syntropy (prediction) is dual to increasing entropy — the 4th law of thermodynamics.

    • I agree I feel like it gives him a bad rep even tho it’s messed up I feel like the insights gained can be obtained by just becoming aware of the actual truth of them in your current moment. You don’t need to use drugs to teach

    • Very true, without the sense making tools of the phenomenology, it’s meaningless to even talk of making sense of a DMT trip

  7. In old times people would recognize the Legitimacy of prophets and mystics by how they don’t preach for money (Quran: follow those who don’t ask you for reward)
    I recognize LEO by seeing him uploading a 3 hour video on YouTube 😂

  8. Leo, I used to think you were an idiot staring at your hand saying that is truth… and now i understand it… the hand is in your awareness and feels real yet its just your awareness just like your thoughts are in the same realm of awareness and every experience we have… funny once you realize it, just like science is in this realm of awareness, all self created

  9. There was an old professor who taught “Science & Technology” course when I was in university. One day the topic was UFO’s and he said that UFO’s and aliens are impossible. We talked about the UFO footage that the government released. I asked him why he thought UFO’s and aliens are impossible. This was his answer: “We did not find any aliens in the parts of the galaxy we know(which is not true because there is no way that humans looked every planet or galaxy we know to exist, so this was basically a lie). Then I asked what if they come from other parts of the universe we did not discover yet. He said that it is impossible because it would require them to travel faster than light or some bullshit like that. I said, but we do not know how fast they can travel, also they may just teleport, we do not know what kind of technology they would have. His answer was “They can’t”. My jaw dropped on the floor.

    • Did you know that not so long ago people believed that traveling over 60 kph would make people explode? Then came the sound “barrier”. And now we are at the light “barrier”. Guess what will happen to it…! (Well if you consider quantum entanglement it already happened…)

    • Didn’t quantum mechanics debunk this nothing faster than light nonsense?

  10. 2:50:32 All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us😂😂
    Credits Michael Jackson

  11. Imagine a documentary which will be made on him after his stuff stands out after centuries. This will start with this line:
    “All I wanted to do is know the truth, doesn’t matter if I need to burn down the world”- Leo gura

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