Darryl Anka Channels Alien Entity After UFO Encounter

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Stream the documentary First Contact featuring Darryl Anka on Gaia – https://bit.ly/3nyE8f0

The true story of the UFO encounters that led Darryl Anka to channel an extraterrestrial being known as Bashar, who delivers messages to prepare Earth for contact with another civilization.

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  1. Los UFOs triangulares pueden ser muy terráqueos. No todos son extraterrestres.

  2. Awesome story.. I like it.
    Something behind it in the universe and what’s proposes of this universe. The big question and no answer.

  3. The white triangle ufos that follow me just materialize out of nowhere and hang around for about 10 minutes then disappear..Like they are time machines.

  4. he is stuck in 1995 he only sells stuff via mastercard….he better uploads full on youtube and make money of adds..
    Not a smart business guy

  5. This is the TR3B owned by the US military! Also know as Aurora! This is NOT aliens! Damn it! You all muddy the water! Makes it that much more difficult to find the truth!

  6. From the star system im from,i cant wait to re-join my species.
    Having RH- Blood and my certain abilitys help me threw these homosapien times


  8. Many people that encountered Ufos or EbEs has the ability to telepathically summon them. There been documents even stories.

    • Well that should be an indicator that we’re dealing with demonic entities not aliens from another planet

  9. I have my own spaceship to meet these entities. It’s called the S.S. DMT.

  10. If consciousness is simulated or if it’s fundamental it means that there is a backdoor to space/time.
    This backdoor could be used to communicate over vast distances or the dead.
    I’m not saying I believe in bashar without proof. Only that the ability is capable within our framework of science.

  11. Forgot the best part of his story… the red swirling orb in the play fort of blankets when he was a little child! So interesting!

  12. I even saw a UFO right in Johannesburg it was passing like 20mins ago I swear

  13. Wtf 😅 this it going so far good, i think that all it possible, insights from aliens comes already from the begin of everything, someOne have to much to explain, but for that all need to be connected to the planet that they dont go crazy again and dont find way back home 😅 to many secrets are keept from humans and aliens to, to much secrets hidden at places that no One’s go searching , like the lost Atlantis, they try to find it, but without knowing the true about what realy Atlantis means, they searching for Gold and dont know that we all are living inside the Gold mine 😅 to much things that people dont knowing anymore because are all wild motherfuckers, running out to space and lose it at the darkness 😅 Yeah much things will come in this year, first start with all back home again , after put some Bad guys away, that do so much harm to our Planet with the Ego for get more, and when we all are again connected with each outher, then someOne will explain all, proves will not be needed (just idiots and morons search for that). You will go see with your own eyes again 🙏💖🙏🌈 that the true set all free Energie again, people dont realy get what is a UFO or a OVNI, why they are here, what they do for real and what Kind of help they will help us. at this time all realy need to understanding this Planet if not this Planet will self destroy, from a natural shield security, that no one can control 🙏💖🙏🌈🙌☀🙌

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