Dangerously Powerful (It Goes Straight To Your Subconscious Mind) | Dr Joe Dispenza

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Speaker: Dr Joe Dispenza

Information / Application / Transformation

Joe Dispenza breaks down the science behind how easily the human brain is hypnotised by screens of any kind.
The eyes are the gateway to the soul, what you allow in, you become.

Every single thing you ever view on a screen leaves a direct subconscious footprint, immediately bypassing the analytical mind. Take extreme caution before viewing anything, choose your content wisely.

Part 1: 00:00 – The Orienting Response
Part 2: 05:25 – True Gratitude (How We Measure It)

Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C., studied biochemistry at Rutgers University and also holds a B.S. degree with an emphasis in Neuroscience. … His postgraduate education has been in neurology, neuroscience, brain function and chemistry, cellular biology, memory formation, and ageing and longevity.

Watch the full interview here: Short Story Long

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