DANDAPANI : How To Control Your Mind (USE THIS to Brainwash Yourself)

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Try this for 21 days and you will see a huge difference in your life.
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Speaker : Dandapani https://learn.dandapani.org/

Full Interview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeGOZ9gUe5k&t=640s


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    • @Spirit Guide Messenger There are several techniques 👍

    • @Clifford Starks Yeah I guess your right.
      I know the meaning of that. thanks a lot. you made my intuition strong.

    • @Spirit Guide Messenger Wishing you the best of luck in your journey Benedicto👍

    • @Clifford Starks Thank you so much Sir. specially for spending time to reply my comment. highly appreciated NAMASTE

  1. If you practice something over and over and over again
    U will succeed VERY TRUE

    • @Akshay Shirodkar wow,I am converted from Hinduism to christianity. I know what these hinduism has its core,it has caste system which ruined the life of many Hindus.

    • @samdon 36 There is no such thing in Hinduism. It was created by a wealthy community in ancient India to establish the supremacy of its people. You are too ignorant to accept Christianity, like other rice bag converts. The Bhagwat Geeta clearly states that caste is not based on birth, but on the deeds of a person. Even the son of a non brahmin can become a brahmin. But only the true scholars of Sanathan Dharma know this.

  2. “Yes, master! How can I serve you today?”
    Damn, how accurate. And God damn sad 😥

    • He is just teaching you 0.1% of indian spirituality.it is a starting point of spirituality. he is exxecelent.

    • Its okay man. We are aware now aren’t we? Come on then. Lets move on to fix that.

    • @Jaydeep Khairanar Spirituality is spirituality everywhere in the world. It has little to do with the country or origin.

    • Malay Patel I only concentrate when my dad comes home at night and I’m on my electronic when I’m not supposed to be on it.

    • Agree. I started meditation 3 months ago i have seen its benefits

    • @Sloan Householder What are the benefit you have got, and in which way you used to do that?

    • @aditi srivastava i have noticed im not as easily agitated my focus is better .. clarity ect.

  3. India is filled with such great spirituals and monks….need to be explored more.

    • Perhaps they can clear their air quality and stop killing innocent baby girls!

    • if you practice something you become good at it. whether it’s positive or NEGATIVE.

    • Indian subcontinent to be exact.. That is India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Tibet and even Pakistan and Afghanistan to be frank

    • @Kartik Hegde before independence it was… I just meant akhanda bharath ie Indian subcontinent!

  4. I’m gonna download this as an audio and from now on, I’ll start my day listening to this to program my subconscious to remember this lol

    • @Nikki G inducing emotions which is supposedly the key ingredient to imprint your thoughts to your subconscious…Positive emotions have never been my strong suit so i’m trying to find an alternative, or maybe ways to adopt them.

    • @Oreo Flores so true, so did you made it are you able to put emotion in it I’m trying but can’t Make it for now

  5. “LIFE IS A MANIFESTATION OF WHERE YOUR ENERGY IS FLOWING” this has made my day for real

  6. To all my friends reading this comment ❤❤❤
    Wishing each one of you peace and joy in your lives…
    God bless.💕

  7. Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived.
    Live in the present and make it beautiful. I was practicing it.

  8. Let’s clap for people who came here to see something sensible n beautiful rather than something crap

  9. The person who’s reading the comment
    Whatever you’re going through right now
    I want you to know you’ll find the answer
    and come out a winner 🏆
    Just never give up 🙏🙏

  10. This video had completely changed my entire life.

    From a duffer today people call me a debonair

  11. I’m gonna change my life in 21 days by controlling my mind.
    Wish me good luck.
    I should change my life before my birthday.
    Exactly 21 days left.
    I’ll update you on my birthday.
    I’m leaving this comment as an evidence.

    • Looks like he couldn’t control his mind 😂
      Jk still waiting for the update friend 😊

    • That’s the problem of ours “consistent Distraction” and “lack of commitment” ..
      Here we are looking for his positive response.. But he might have forgotten this comment (&commitment) itself.. :/ 😅🙌

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