Daily Qigong Practices to Rejuvenate Your Immune System with Master Mingtong Gu

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with Master Mingtong Gu

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  1. Well, this reminds me of the warm-up Video from Dayen Qigong, the 64 Wild Goose Basic…from the Wen-Wu School of Martial Arts…Kaiser Permanente Hospital sponsored the Video…(Upper Dantien, Middle Dantien and Lower Dantien being energized with Chi) except your video is much easier, simpler, shorter and less complicated…Thanks for uploading this. Can’t wait for more from you…

    I had learned the entire 64 movements but I’m out of practice…your video has inspired me to go back and methodically bring back those great feelings and benefits…the old saying goes…”Anything worth doing is worth doing well”

    Very interesting…Is this Buddhist?

  2. Thank you for this short yet effective physical and mental practice session. Communicated clearly and with kindly generous humour . Very BestWishes Sumana

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