Daily Horoscope: October 15th – 16th, 2020

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Both the Sun and New Moon are in Libra today filling our lungs with much-needed air. This is the perfect time to focus on love and compassion, so breathe in and manifest your New Moon intentions.

Today: Libra Sun and Libra New Moon

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  1. I am a double Scorpio with a LIbra moon! LOL (Dove Scorpio, Scorpio rising and LIbra moon). Intuitively I know my husband is coming into my life soon. A tarot reader confirmed it will be within the next 3 months. Of course we will be traditional and date first but we know we are for each other. I’m impatient for him to come.Seems like it’s been forever waiting. LOL I yes, I’m dreaming of him often. Things with my divine masculine twin flame did not work out. So sad. He still has a lot of growing up to do. I did my best to show him unconditional love but he stuck in his old ways so I got to move on. I will use the energies mention to share positive vibes and love from heaven for all.

  2. Yes, good advice. Nurture and love yourself, your mind, body and soul. I make sure I do it at least once daily.

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