Daily Horoscope: July 1st – 2nd, 2021

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Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries. Emotions may be high, channel this energy into action.

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  1. I will check this course. I have the sun squaring the moon in my natal chart.

  2. You always have these nice and touching words who softened me and helps me to find my right path, I would have loved to have you as a sister but now you are a great exemple that gives me straight, so thank you Debra silverman thank you so very much

  3. I absolutely adore you I watch you every morning before I even get out of bed. I don’t follow anyone else and my goodness I would love to talk to you I’m an intuitive 42 years plus now Ann and I read astrology clairvoyantly however I would love to learn from you

  4. This is exactly what I’m going through! It makes so much sense how you explained that the feelings are in conflict with your independence. I’m so grateful for your compassionate energy, Debra!

  5. Maybe I also have opposite elements. I’m Leo and tiger water and fire elements 😭

  6. I feel this everyday πŸ™ Cancer Sun with Aries Moon myself, and my Rising Sign is Gemini. I get frustrated about things but the minute i feel it, i repress it because my Cancer self is uncomfortable with anger. It’s painful… On this day, i get to experience natural birth chart energies.

  7. Loved this guidance today. Really helped me calm down. I watch you every morning! I feel this conflict as a double Leo with a Cancer rising. Bless you.

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