Daily Horoscope: February 12th – 13th, 2021

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The Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Pisces. Individuality meets spirituality when these two meet. This combination tells us two things: it's time to explore who we are and go our own way.

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  1. Thank you for sharing love and light ❤️ love every day grateful with gratitude 💗💞💗💞
    who you have in your life. 💞❤️

    • @Cappie Rising I know how you feel, I have no one either. No family, or relationship. It is difficult, especially with this pandemic.
      So understand your sad emoji.
      Are you trying to put yourself out there to meet someone?
      Do you have any pets?
      Pets can help a lot.

    • @Mitz Fishman this apartment in hawaii doesnt allow pets. This might be my last month here because I havent paid rent yet.
      I only have 1 plant. and “no” I can’t put myself out there when I have no job or income.

    • @Cappie Rising Im so sorry to hear your struggles. I understand, I am in a similar situation.
      It has been a struggle.
      No job for me either because I’m am immune compromised, and can’t because of the pandemic.
      What a beautiful place to live in Hawaii. I have been there. I’m in MN
      Can you get any help from the State? Do you have any friends there that can help you? Have you talk to the landlord about your situation?
      If you need to talk, you are welcome to e-mail me. mitzf@msn.com

  2. My grandmother was an Aquarius sun and Pisces Moon, wise women, also non-traditional. I’m a Double Pisces. Actually I have four of my five personal planets in Pisces with the exception of a Capricorn Mars.

  3. I am Aquarius Ascendant with Mars in Pisces in the 1st house, plus transiting Neptune parked in the 1st for several more years. It can be magical and enchanting, but you’re right on Debra about feeling “so not from here,” so easily overwhelmed and unable to understand all the pain and cruelty in the world. I’m rescued by my Venus in Taurus in the 2nd house — it sustains my love nature — every day can be Valentine’s Day when I resonate with the love that exists in every moment when we open our heart to it. Happy Valentine’s Day Debra!

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