Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Are Changing Our World

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Can blockchain technology be used to create a new, fairer, decentralized, and uncensored web 3.0 where we can control our money and data while protecting our online identities?

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  1. Well this is good news if as you say it might go that direction or could happen. But with this shadow Gov’t in place and these dark forces running it all will it?

    • @Ray Thomas read Revelations from the Bible. The Bible warns us of things that will happen in the last days.

    • its an asset than can be used as a currency which no government has control over that cannot be inflated, can be easily divisible, and transfered quickly and cheaply. tell us of an asset that is better than that.

    • @Ray Thomas I don’t pretend to know anything about this but, if I was part of a ruling system which no one trusts I would definitely say I’m against crypto in order for people to trust it.
      Kind of like mass child psychology in practice.
      My point is it’s easy to lead sheep. Just get the few in front through the gate, the rest will follow.
      FYI Not calling you a sheep. It was just an analogy 👍🙏💚

  2. To make all money digital, just to crash it.
    The 80% percent people are totally unaware of what is going to happen.

  3. I have no clue on how decentralised blockchain works but I welcome anything that takes the control away from corporations and banks and gives us back our control over our data and privacy. Power to the people, yeah ✊🏼

  4. What’s most profoundly changing the world is the ignorance (lack of knowledge) that humans are suffering from, so much so that objective reality is imperceptible to most people. Mankind must self-educate because the wicked people that run this place will not. They want us all ignorant, apathetic, more interested in electronic devices and chemically lobotomized. They’re taking advantage of every weakness built directly into Mankind and they’re doing a VERY good job at it.

  5. Namaste🙏🏾 🧘🏾‍♂️

    💰☀️I’m wishing everyone who clicked on this channel nothing but LONG LIFE & PROSPERITY☀️

  6. I prefer something more tangible…like Precious Metals & Gemstones!
    I ❤️ feeling that Energy!

  7. Don’t sleep on crypto people! The 1% is buying heavily! Invest for the long run while you still have the opportunity to do so before the masses. Then, it will be too late. #bitcoin

  8. I would rather have an asset that is volatile but goes up in the long term (bitcoin), than have an asset that is stable yet continues to drop in value long term (fiat)

  9. Si almenos pusierais los subtitulos en Castellano la mitad del mundo sabria lo que quereis decir

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